It’s Live! Cover Reveal: Where the Lightning Goes (Jackary Salem), Plus Giveaway! ~ US/CAN Only

November 14th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

Where the Lightning Goes (Jackary Salem),

releasing May 30, 2023 from Derealization Press!




Ready to see?

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Title: Where the Lightning Goes

Author: Jackary Salem

Cover designer/artist credit: Kim Dingwall

Release date: May 30, 2023

Publisher: Derealization Press

ISBN: 978-1-958362-02-0

About the Book: Where The Lightning Goes

After a powerful wizard tears Elle’s soul apart and steals her memories, she’s locked in a house to rot. Her only remaining memory is of falling from the sky, though even that raises more questions than it answers. Upon her escape, she falls into a world that’s equal parts vicious and beautiful. Magic is everywhere, everyone is out for themselves, and every truth is accompanied by a lie. Her lack of memories grows maddening and painful. She’s positive that the key to recovering her memories is in the sky-castle from her dreams, but getting there will require magic she doesn’t have. Traversing an enchanted painting, stealing a sword from a dragon’s den, and outwitting a demon are only the beginning. And this time, she’s got more than freedom and memories on the line.

Without magic, there is no survival.


About the Author: Jackary Salem

JACKARY SALEM is a freelance editor with a degree in neuroscience. Seeing the problems and systemic issues plaguing traditional publishing, Salem became passionate about self-publishing. Where the Lightning Goes is her first novel.

Website * Twitter * Instagram * Facebook

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Cover Reveal: THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG Episode One: Exploding Experiment (M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh), Plus Giveaway! ~US ONLY

November 2nd, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG Episode One: Exploding Experiment (M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh)

releasing March 21, 2023 from Fitzroy Books (Regal House Publishing)





Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh:

We are so excited to reveal the cover for the first in our brand-new series, THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG. Our series is filled with gangsters, diabolical villains, and plucky street orphans led by the brave Lewis Carter and the fearless Pearl Alice Clavell. We can’t wait to share their escapades with you!


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Title of the book: THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG Episode One: Exploding Experiment

Authors:  M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh

Release date: March 21, 2023

Publisher:  Fitzroy Books (Regal House Publishing)

ISBN:  9781646033225

Cover designer/artist credit: C.B. Royal

About the Book: THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG Episode One: Exploding Experiment

That brief, blinding dazzle? The blue smudge and lingering stink? The Flash Gang has struck again! The most notorious thieves in Pittsburgh, food-stealing crooks the police and newspapers say are highly trained and very dangerous.

But eleven-year-old Lewis Carter isn’t a thief, he’s just homeless and hungry, and the Flash is just a recipe invented from bits of his missing father’s scientific research. He uses it to pinch his dinners. It’s been going pretty well, until now…Now his recipe is stolen, and he is in the clutches of some rather nasty people. Enter tutu-wearing, starry-eyed, and all around extraordinary (she will tell you) Pearl Alice Clavell. She’s on a mission to uncover a Nefarious Deed she’s convinced involves the Flash Gang and rescuing Lewis is right up her alley.

Truth is, a Nefarious Deed is afoot, one that threatens the entire country. It will take Lewis and Pearl joining forces to save the recipe and themselves against an enemy who will stop at nothing, including kidnapping, and, very possibly, murder.

Preorder Now

About the Authors: M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh

M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh joined forces to write the sort of stories they loved reading when they were ten. They also write books for teens and grown-ups, but that’s another story.

Website  *Twitter

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(5) Five winners will win an advanced reading copy of THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLASH GANG Episode One: Exploding Experiment (M.M. Downing & S.J. Waugh), plus some swag including bookmarks and pens. ~USA ONLY


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Rockstar Tours: Cover Reveal- MOTHER OF THE RIVER (Emily McPherson), Plus Giveaway! ~US ONLY

October 25th, 2022 by

Today Emily McPherson and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for MOTHER OF THE RIVER the first book in her new YA
Fantasy series which releases March 7, 2023! Check out the awesome cover and
enter the giveaway!


On to the reveal!


About The Book:

Title: MOTHER OF THE RIVER (Protectors #1)

Author: Emily McPherson

Pub. Date: March 7, 2023

Publisher: Eyebright Books

Formats:  Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle, B&N, iBooks, Kobo



Inspired by traditional Irish
Mythology, Mother of the River tells the story of a 17 year
old girl in search of her missing mother when she stumbles upon a forgotten

Ianthe was only six years old when her mother vanished and the strange statue
appeared in the river near her home. Now, eleven years later, the statue stands
as a memorial and a place where Ianthe often visits to tell her mother about
her life. But when an old acquaintance returns to town and suggests the statue
isn’t just a statue, the presence of a mythical creature comes into question,
and Ianthe begins to wonder what really happened all those years ago.

With her best friend Fintan by her side, Ianthe searches for a lost legend and
discovers fantastical dangers, family secrets, and the magic of Ireland. But
finding the myth may not be enough to mend the past. And finding the truth just
may threaten her future.

May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know
where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far- Irish


Book Teaser Trailer:


@therealemilymcpherson #booktok #youngadultbooks #fantasybooks #femaleprotagonist #irishmythology #motheroftheriver ♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」



Mother of the River, chapter two excerpt

Ianthe slid a cup and scone to her side of the small table
and slathered butter onto the bread while Dubheasa eyed her carefully.

“Well then,” Dubheasa said, thankfully moving on to a new
topic, “when did we last see each other, dear? Do you remember?”

“Um.” Ianthe paused to take a bite of her scone. “Two summers
ago, I think.”

“And has much changed since then?” Dubheasa asked, stirring
cream into her tea.

“Besides growing a bit taller, nothing at all.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re still here.”

“Why wouldn’t I be here?”

Dubheasa sipped her tea and waited for Ianthe to come to some
sort of conclusion, but Ianthe stared back, lost as ever.

“Well, the Scréch Sídhe, of course,” Dubheasa finally said.

Ianthe couldn’t help but subtly roll her eyes, feeling a sliver
of annoyance in her gut.

“Oh, right. Of course,” she said flatly. “How could I

“You still don’t believe in the Sídhe, do you?” Dubheasa
asked, though she already knew the answer.

“No, I must admit. I don’t.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why is that?”

“You told me the Scréch Sídhe would come for me after my
mother disappeared, but it’s been eleven years. Do you really believe a magical
faerie would need this much time to find a person?”

Dubheasa continued to sip her tea with squinted eyes before
offering another question.

“Then how do you think your mother turned to stone?”

“Oh, this again?” Ianthe said, reminding herself a bit of her
dad. “My mother didn’t turn to stone.”

“I’ve seen her, Ianthe. I know she stands in the river.”

“I’ve told you,” Ianthe said, dropping her hands to the table
and rattling the teacups. “My father had that statue made in remembrance
of her. It’s not actually her.”

“And yet, he never visits her to remember her.”

“N—no, you’ve got it wrong, Dubheasa. My mother disappeared.”

“And disappearing into thin air is a more acceptable
explanation for you?” Dubheasa asked, studying Ianthe’s face.

“Certainly more acceptable than ‘cursed by a faerie’,” she
said in a failed whisper.


About Emily McPherson:

McPherson is an author for young adult readers with several fantasy projects in
the works. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she strives to normalize
seeing characters of the rainbow on the page without harmful stereotypes. She
is an Irish dancer with a slight obsession with mythological creatures. She
lives in Connecticut with her husband, son, and – the real mythological
creatures – her two rescue pugs.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Goodreads | Amazon




Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a $10 Amazon GC, International.

Ends November 1st, midnight EST.

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It’s Live! Cover Reveal: Return of the Vengeful Queen (C.J. Redwine), Plus Giveaway! ~ US Only

October 5th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

Return of the Vengeful Queen (C.J. Redwine),

releasing June 2023 from Balzer + Bray!




Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from C.J. Redwine:

Hi YABCers!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for Return of the Vengeful Queen, the sequel to this year’s Rise of the Vicious Princess. As a sequel, this story deals with the aftermath of betrayal, invasion, monsters, and loss, while also being a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that takes place on the sea for much of the book. The cover needed to encompass the haunting sense of encroaching darkness while also signaling a sea-bound adventure, and the team at Balzer+Bray really nailed it. I love, love, LOVE this cover so much, and I hope you do too!

Ready to see?

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Here it is!

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Title of the book: Return of the Vengeful Queen

Author’s name: C.J. Redwine

Release date: June 2023

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Cover designer/artist credit: Jessie Gang & Mark Rifkin

About the Book: Return of the Vengeful Queen

Charis Willowthorn is a queen without a throne. A Rakuuna invader holds Charis’s kingdom of Calera captive, leaving Charis desperate–and ruthlessly committed to vengeance. But with her allies reluctant to intervene, and her enemies hunting her across the open sea, Charis is left with one choice: forge a temporary alliance with Tal Penbyrn, the boy who betrayed her– and at all costs, keep him out of her heart.

Tal is imprisoned, both by the Rakuuna’s isolated castle and the weight of his guilt. Though he once betrayed his love, he knows that he can help turn the tide in Charis’s favor, if only he can regain her trust. But the Rakuuna have an ally of their own–one who knows Charis’s every move and will stop at nothing to see her destroyed.

With threats closing in and every allegiance in doubt, Charis must be stronger, faster, and more vicious than her enemies to reclaim her kingdom–and her future




About the Author: C.J. Redwine

C.J. Redwine is a New York Times bestselling author of speculative fiction, a diehard lover of going to the movies, and a believer in fairytales. She keeps a six-foot tall Loki figure in her office and will argue the merits of Batman vs. Superman with anyone she meets. She once accidentally punched herself in the face on a ride at Disneyland. She doesn’t recommend it.





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One (1) winner will receive a signed hardback of Rise of the Vicious Princess (C.J. Redwine) ~ US Only!


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It’s Live! Cover Reveal: The Sweetest Betrayal (Natalie Mae), Plus Q&A and First Chapter!

September 22nd, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

The Sweetest Berayal (Natalie Mae),

releasing February 14, 2023!




Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Natalie Mae:

Hello YABC! It’s feeling nostalgic to reveal the cover for the conclusion of my Kinder Poison trilogy, The Sweetest Betrayal, here on YABC, as this is where we started 3 years ago with the cover reveal for book 1! It’s been a wild ride since through a global pandemic and writing out my first full series, but here we are. I’m thrilled to be bringing you not only the striking cover for the final book today, but also a Q&A directly sourced from my most loyal readers, and the first chapter of book 3!
In this conclusion to The Kinder Poison series—which People magazine proclaimed a “delicious high-stakes adventure”—war looms over Orkena, but Zahru may not be able to save her people without losing herself. If you’re just coming into the series and are into magic, adventure, ancient Rome/Egypt, morally grey characters and slow-burn romance, definitely check out the first book!

Ready to see?

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Here it is!

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Title: The Sweetest Betrayal

Author: Natalie Mae

Release Date: Feb 14, 2023

ISBN: 9780578313740

Cover Designer/Artist Credit: Theresa Evangelista

About the Book: The Sweetest Betrayal

[Spoiler alert for prior books!]

War has come to Orkena.

Zahru has risen as Mestrah, and she is determined to peacefully end the escalating tensions with Wyrim, her country’s long-time enemy. Yet diplomacy proves to be futile, and when Zahru turns to Orkena’s allies for help, she finds that none are willing to come to her aid—not without Kasta ruling at her side.

As Wyrim advances on the capital, Zahru is desperate to protect her people, even if that means accepting Kasta’s help. But her enemy is merciless. And as ambushes and betrayals push Zahru to increasingly dark tactics, she wonders if perhaps Kasta had it right all along: maybe peace was never an option … and maybe she was never meant to do this alone.

Can Zahru spare her enemy without sacrificing her kingdom? Or will Orkena’s salvation only come if Zahru becomes the monster her people need?



About the Author: Natalie Mae

Natalie Mae is the critically acclaimed author of The Kinder Poison trilogy. She has also been a freelance editor and Pitch Wars mentor, and she feels it notable to mention she once held a job where she had to feed spiders. When not writing, Natalie can be found exploring the Colorado wilderness with her family. Visit her online at

~And without further ado, here are readers’ most burning questions for book 3~


Q: Can you refresh our memories on how things left off in The Cruelest Mercy – and where we’re starting in The Sweetest Betrayal? (SPOILER ALERT for book 2!)

So, I kind of left things a HOT MESS in book 2, in which Zahru has risen as Mestrah after both publicly kissing and then immediately forcing Kasta to abdicate, believing him too dangerous to rise as king even though he was also marked by the gods to rule. The threat of war is also right at their doorstep, with Orkena’s long-time enemy getting increasingly aggressive despite Zahru’s attempts at peace.

Book 3 picks up just a couple of weeks later, where things are only worsening for Zahru. She’s confused about and avoiding Kasta, she and Jet are tiptoeing around each other, and the war has officially begun: the enemy is marching on Orkena’s capital. Zahru is counting on Orkena’s allies to come to their aid, but something she did in book 2 is about to come crashing down on her in the worst possible way …

Q: Has Zahru gone as morally grey as she’s going to? Or will we see her go even further in book 3? 

It’s a lot of pressure leading a country in times of war. Especially for someone new to it. Especially for someone trying to show she’s capable of ruling alone. Zahru also possesses incredible magic she’s only just learning to wield … magic that has already proven more effective than diplomacy. And her enemy is directly threatening her family and friends. I’ll let you surmise from this what you will.


Q: It’s the series finale … please tell us it ends happily and no major characters die!

I’d just like to note that this is a book about war and the lengths people will go to protect what they love. That doesn’t necessarily mean death. Or does it? You’ll have to read to find out …


Q: Whose character arc is your favorite? 

Oh, man. This is a hard question because while Zahru continues to be my favorite over all three books, Kasta also goes through a very interesting arc in this one. So does Jet. So does Hen and one other character I can’t even tell you about right now. So … all of them? All of them.


Q: Does a Valentine’s Day release mean more romance? Will #TeamKasta finally triumph? Will #TeamJet??

I’ll admit I did choose Valentine’s Day as both a nod of appreciation to my #team fans, and as an indication that the romance will finally come to a head in this book. I would not go in expecting lots of cute kissy scenes and giggly walks on the beach, however. Zahru is as stressed as she’ll ever be in this book, but yes, in comparison to the first two books, the romance is much more present, and the heat level quite a bit higher. As to the winning #team – Zahru will make her choice very clear in this one.


Q: Speaking of #Teams, how do you feel about comparisons between Kastazahru and Reylo/Darklina, and do you think the fanbase will be satisfied by The Sweetest Betrayal?

Though #TeamKasta is definitely meant to be its own thing, I’m not opposed to comparisons like Reylo and Darklina, and I’m flattered those fanbases are connecting to Kasta and Zahru’s chemistry! Without giving too much away, I can say that everything #TeamKasta fans love about their dynamic—the intensity and the constant push/pull between dark and light—is a BIG part of book 3, and plays a huge role in how Zahru’s journey ends. As to what that ending looks like… well, you’ll have to read and see!




~ And here it is! Read on for the first chapter of The Sweetest Betrayal! ~


It’s far too peaceful a night to start a war.

I stand atop one of the desert’s many low plateaus in the darkness, my white Mestrah’s cloak snapping in the wind, orange sand twining around my sandals like rattlesnakes. Crystalline stars glitter between bladed clouds. Crickets sing in the shadowed reeds of the river below, though no cranes line the shore, the only ripples in the dark water stirred by crocodiles, as if anticipating a feast.

On the horizon, the torches of the enemy warships grow closer, brightening like the start of a wildfire.

I flex my hands, gooseflesh working up my arms despite the lingering heat.

“How long do we have?” I ask.

Marcus lowers his brass telescope, his towering silhouette blocking me from the moon. “Maybe a quarter of an hour. They’re at full speed.”

“Zahru . . .” Jet shifts on my other side, the wind tugging the ends of his blue night cloak. “I still don’t see them.”

I don’t follow his gaze toward the northern desert, where Greka and Amian’s reinforcements were supposed to have arrived this morning. Or toward the east, over the hundreds of dark, hexagonal tents that make up my army, where Nadessa’s soldiers should be appearing between the plateaus. I can’t look and see the desert empty again.

We’re going to stop this war before it starts. We spent weeks on every detail.

“Mestrah,” Marcus says, quieter. “The moon is at half. Oka’s Scythe is directly beneath it.” He gestures to the constellation. “We gave our allies the right time. If help was coming . . .”

I don’t want him to finish that sentence. I turn on my heel. “They’ll come. The blood contracts are still intact, they must be near.”

I push through the golden-edged flap and into my tent. Light potions string between the spacious white walls, casting a silver-blue glow over the feather mattress, the polished stone desk where the blood contracts and listening scrolls cast shadows, the claw-footed chair where Melia sits, a little jar of tonic glowing as she infuses it with Healers’ magic. Jade, the size of a large jackal now and in training to protect me, raises her spotted head from a woven sleeping pad.

Worried? she thinks, her golden leopard eyes soft. Zar? Need me?

My stomach twists as my Whisperer magic translates her thoughts. What I need is a miracle. An army of thousands will be on us in minutes, their armor imbued with forsvine that can neutralize all magic within three meters, rendering useless every one of our close-range fighters—like our many Dominators with their superior strength and all six of the army’s Shifters. My seventh Shifter, whose identity I’m still keeping secret from the world, would remind me he’s just as deadly without his magic; that he should be here. But despite the tentative new truce between us, I’m still working out just how much I can trust Kasta, and so he’s at the palace.

My soldiers are only a backup anyway. If all goes to plan, there will be no battle, just us marching out to join our allies with their warships and calvaries and legions, wherein the Wyri queen will realize she’s hopelessly outnumbered and finally yield to a negotiation. She never needs to know only half my soldiers can attack from a distance. She never needs to know that without our allies, we are the ones hopelessly outnumbered.

“Still no one?” Melia asks, her surprise making the glow fade from the tonic. An icy breath of her dread knifes my skin, and I wish, not for the first time, that I could turn my Influence off. My nerves are electric enough already without everyone else adding to them.

I round the desk and force a smile. “Maybe there was a sandstorm. I’m sure it’s just a temporary delay.”

Melia rises to join me, her platinum armor casting daggers of light around the tent. Marcus and Jet stop on the other side of the table. Marcus snatches up the listening scrolls one by one to check for responses, but Jet watches me, one hand on the hilt of his sword.

His gaze searching, anxious as it is now when he looks at me, like he’s always on the verge of a question. It’s been three weeks since I kissed Kasta in a very public setting right before blackmailing him into abdicating. Three weeks that Jet and I have pretended that kiss never happened, letting the war distract us, happily and silently agreeing that if we ignore it long enough, everything will go back to normal. That I will remember what we gave up for each other; that he’s the one I’m supposed to need.

If I keep avoiding Kasta as I have, I can make it true.

Jet thumbs the silver advisor’s band on his bicep. “We need to start assembling the soldiers. Hopefully Nadessa will be here soon.”

“All right,” I say. “Marcus?”

“Mestrah.” He bows with his fingertips to his pale forehead, even though I’ve told him a thousand times he doesn’t need to, and goes to alert the commanders.

Armor clanks as Melia shakes her head. “I don’t understand. A moon ago they rushed to sign these contracts. Do you think Wyrim has promised them something greater?”

“They can’t have.” I smooth the corners of the first contract, all three of them laid before me, each ruler’s signature sharp and red with their blood. “We would know. The contracts would bleed. They’re just late.”

But even I hear the uncertainty in my voice. More and more time has been passing between my letters and our allies’ responses lately, though always their replies have been favorable, apologetic. I wrote them last week that Wyrim had started their march on us. They would be here, they said.

Something has changed.

Melia lets out an uneasy breath. “We may need a new strategy.”

“No,” I say, while outside, armor clinks and captains shout, and soldiers heft shields and weapons they’ve had only a few moons to train with. “I’m not plunging us into a war when I could have stopped it with a conversation. I have to try.”

“But the Wyri have not answered even one of your letters.” Her voice softens. “They have bombed your hometown. They have tried to assassinate you. I’m not sure—”

“I’m going out there,” I snap, though my anger is for their queen, for the disbelief that this night is even happening, not for Melia. “I’m asking the queen to talk.” I look to Jet. “You still think I should try, right?”

He doesn’t miss a beat. “Absolutely. Whatever you think is best, we’ll support in full.”

Melia opens her mouth, green eyes narrowing—and purses her lips around words she doesn’t say. Jet hasn’t once disagreed with me since he accused me of going to the same extremes as Kasta during our debut party last moon. And his agreeability has been a relief, really, with all the stress of the war, and especially since I’ve decided it means he regrets that accusation and realizes I only did what had to be done. But it’s getting harder to tell whether he actually agrees with me or if this is just more of the careful dance we’re doing around each other.

I wouldn’t have to wonder with Kasta. Kasta would tell me if this was a terrible idea, and thoroughly.

“Zahru, look!” Jet’s excitement jerks me back to the table. “Amian is answering!”

He shoves the scroll at me so fast I nearly drop it. Melia slides closer, and even Jet forgets the space he usually leaves between us, both of them crowding my shoulders. My pulse ticks up as the Amian king’s sharp, tight script fills the parchment. My reading ability has vastly improved with another three weeks of lessons, but it still takes me awhile to finish a paragraph and I don’t recognize all the words, especially with rougher handwriting like this.

Which makes it all the worse that I’ve only gotten as far as “Esteemed Mestrah, I apologize for the delay” when a flash of Jet’s anger and Melia’s shock jab my arms.

“No,” Jet says, leaving my side to sort through the other listening scrolls.

I grip Melia’s elbow. “What does it say?”

She raises a trembling finger to the letter. “‘Esteemed Mestrah, I apologize for the delay in answering. But after coming across a troubling new witness account that Prince Kasta’s abdication was not voluntary, which I have discussed at length with Greka and Nadessa . . .’” She swallows. “‘The three of us have decided that until these claims are properly investigated, we no longer feel confident in the promises made to us for this alliance. Or in the type of leadership we might expect from you, considering the intimate nature of your and Prince Kasta’s relationship. Thus it is with much regret that I inform you we’ve decided to remain neutral—’”

“Oh my gods.” I drop the scroll.

“Witness account?” Jet looks to Melia. “But that’s not possible. No one outside of us and Marcus and Hen know we made Kasta step down—”

“It has to be the Wyri.” Melia angrily clucks her tongue. “Someone spreading lies to separate us from our allies, and they happened to make a lucky guess. But whatever evidence they have, it can’t be real . . .”

I don’t hear the rest of what she says. I’m back in the armory three weeks ago, the Runemaster chaining me to that table, saying he knew what I’d done. That he’d verified the animal pelts I’d brought him were fake. That he knew I was trying to frame Kasta as a Shifter so I could rule alone. That was adamantly not the reason I was doing it, not that the Runemaster would believe me at that point.

I still see him marching out like a hero, handing Kasta the controlling collar that he was supposed to make for me.

My advisors don’t know about that part. And especially not what I did to Kasta after.

“Oh my gods,” I groan, sinking on my elbows over the letter.

“No, no, none of that,” Jet says, his touch light—and brief—on my arm. “We’ll get this worked out. That witness won’t have anything we can’t disprove. But right now we need to focus on what we can do, and that’s calling for a retreat.”

“Yes,” I say, numbly. “Yes, I guess we should.”

Melia squeezes my shoulder. “This is still much better than meeting them with Kasta’s war knives. You did the right thing, Mestrah.”

I can only return a small, uneasy smile as she follows Jet out. Leaving me with the sound of soldiers packing. With Jade nudging my hand. With the contracts I can only stare at with a gathering sense of dread. I can’t even begin to count the hours I’ve poured into these. All the sleepless nights I’ve spent stressing and negotiating, but always knowing that as long as I had them, we would survive this war.

And I would be able to prove Kasta wrong.

The wind tears at the tent flaps.

My stomach sinks as Amian’s words thicken in front of me, and the scrolls begin to bleed.

It’s Live! Cover Reveal: Herrick’s Lie (T.M. Blanchet), Plus International Giveaway!

September 14th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

Herrick’s Lie (T.M. Blanchet),

releasing March 28, 2023 from Tiny Fox Press!




Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from T.M Blanchet:

Hello YABC Readers! I’m so excited to introduce the cover for Book 2 in The Neath Trilogy, HERRICK’S LIE! As before, it was designed by the incomparable team at Damonza. The book will be released on March 28, 2023, by Tiny Fox Press. Hmmm… Looks like our lovable hero Ollie is heading underwater?! That can’t be good!

Preorders are available now, and there’s still plenty of time to get up to speed with Book 1, HERRICK’S END!
T.M. Blanchet

Ready to see?

Scroll, YABCers! Scroll!

Here it is!

** If you choose to share this image elsewhere, please include a courtesy link back to this page so others can enter the giveaway. Thank you! ***

Title of the book: Herrick’s Lie

Author’s name: T.M. Blanchet

Release date: March 28, 2023

Publisher: Tiny Fox Press

ISBN:  978-1946501493

Cover designer/artist credit: Damonza

About the Book: Herrick’s Lie



Out of time.

Herrick’s End was just the beginning.

Ollie probably should have expected trouble. After all, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” right? He’d learned that in 10th grade physics. And Ollie’s actions at Herrick’s End had been seismic enough to cause tidal waves of catastrophe crashing from one end of the Neath to the other.

He’d only wanted to make things better. And he genuinely thought he had, until he sees the stark truth spelled out in black-and-white: His friends are in danger. Everyone is in danger, and it’s all his fault.

The good news is, there might be a solution. The less-good news? It’s hidden, apparently, at the bottom of the cavern’s deep, green lake, which churns with myriad fantastical creatures, unknowable perils, and immeasurable expanse—not to mention a distinct lack of oxygen. All in all, not a great set-up for humans. Leaping into that water, he knows, is a monstrously bad idea.

It’s also the only idea he’s got.

With so much on the line, Ollie might have no choice but to jump first and ask questions later. And there will be questions. Many, many questions. Because getting into the lake is one thing… Getting out will be something else altogether. And Ollie’s quest to right past wrongs is about to open up a whole new can of wormwalkers in the extraordinary underground world he now calls home.





About the Author: T.M Blanchet

T.M. Blanchet is the author of HERRICK’S END (Book 1 of The Neath Trilogy) and HERRICK’S LIE (Book 2, due out in March, 2023). She’s also the producer and host of A Mighty Blaze Podcast and the founder of Operation Delta Dog: Service Dogs for Veterans.

Website * Instagram * Twitter * Facebook * TikTok




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It’s Live! Cover Reveal: The Broken Hearts Club (Susan Bishop Crispell), Plus International Giveaway!

September 8th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

The Broken Hearts Club (Susan Bishop Crispell),

releasing June 6, 2023 from Sourcebooks Fire!




Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Susan Bishop Crispell:

Hello YABC readers! I’m so excited to share the cover of my magical fake dating YA rom-com, The Broken Hearts Club, with you today. I wrote this book late last year, and after almost two years into the pandemic, I needed a fun, sweet, happy story to live in for a while. And Imogen’s and August’s story was born. The team at Sourcebooks Fire captured the feel of the book so well in this cover, from the colors–which are the colors of love and heartbreak that Mo sees in the story–to the cut-paper style of the art, to Mo and August with their wistful, longing looks. I adore everything about this cover and hope you do too!




Ready to see?

Scroll, YABCers! Scroll!

Here it is!

Cover artist: Dana SanMar (@danasanmar)
Cover designer: Liz Dresner (@lizdresner)
** If you choose to share this image elsewhere, please include a courtesy link back to this page so others can enter the giveaway. Thank you! ***
Title: The Broken Hearts Club

Author: Susan Bishop Crispell

Release date:  June 6, 2023

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

ISBN: 9781728247175

About the Book: The Broken Hearts Club

When the perpetually single daughter of a magical matchmaker reconnects with the boy she’s pretended to be in a relationship with for over a year, she may finally have met her match.

Imogen Finch has never been in love… despite being the daughter of a matchmaker. Her only relationship to date was a fake one with a near stranger named August Tate that she made up to stop people from asking about her love life. To fill the void, she’s channeled her obsession with love into her passion for photography, using her ability to literally see the rose-gold glow of a person in love to capture stunning portraits.

But when her adviser says her photography portfolio is “one note”, she’s desperate to diversify. After hearing her forever crush, Ren, was recently dumped, she decides to photograph the broken-hearted, starting with him. Imogen is hopeful she’ll finally find love and get the right photos. So, the last thing she expects is for the real-life version of her fake boyfriend to show up in town asking why they “broke up”. Before she knows it she’s juggling August and Ren and falling for the first time in her life.

Preorder * Goodreads




About the Author: Susan Bishop Crispell

Susan Bishop Crispell earned a BFA in creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Born and raised in the mountains of Tennessee, she now lives twenty minutes from the beach in North Carolina with her husband and their two cats, Whisky and Peat. She is very fond of baked goods and is always on the lookout for hints of magic in the real world. Susan is the author of women’s fiction novels The Secret Ingredient of Wishes (Sep 2016, Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press) and Dreaming in Chocolate (Feb 2018, St. Martin’s Griffin), which was selected as a SIBA Okra pick Winter 2018, and young adult novels The Holloway Girls (June 2022, Sourcebooks Fire) and The Broken Hearts Club (June 2023, Sourcebooks Fire).

Website * Instagram * Twitter * Facebook



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Three (3) winners will receive a signed copy of The Holloway Girls with a custom enamel pin, stickers and bookmark (Susan Bishop Crispell) ~ Open Internationally


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Rockstar Tours: Cover Reveal- Ask the Girl (Kim Bartosch), Plus Giveaway! ~INT (additional giveaway for US ONLY)

July 13th, 2022 by

Today Kim Bartosch and Rockstar
Book Tours
are revealing the cover for ASK THE GIRL, the first book in her Fantasy
Romance series which releases September 26, 2022! Check out the awesome cover
and enter the giveaway!


On to the reveal! 

About the Book:


Author: Kim Bartosch

Pub. Date: September 26, 2022

Publisher: Woodhall Press

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 110

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, B&N, TBD, 

Nobody believes sixteen-year-old Lila Sadler, who was
diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Nobody believes that Lila’s sister Rose is possessed by the
ghost of Katy Watkins. As Rose’s health worsens each day, the only way to save
her is to uncover the awful truth of Katy’s death so many years ago.

And nobody knows what happened to Katy on October 31, 1925.
Not even Katy. Unaware that she was murdered, Katy has wandered for a hundred
years in complete ignorance, until the day she meets Rose and Lila.

Together Lila, Rose, and Katy must confront their demons to
escape this hell. But will they be able to escape? Can they forgive the

Book Trailer:

About Kim Bartosch:

Kim is a young adult writer of
paranormal mysteries and thrillers. She is fond of ghost stories and has
experienced many hauntings during several paranormal investigations. She has
contributed many articles regarding travel, hauntings, and more on various
sites. Kim has been on several ghost hunts across the U.S. with her sister. She
photographed a ghost at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

As an advocate for Autism and
Bipolar Disorder, Kim offers her support to many charities and programs, such
Joshua Center and Depression and
Bipolar Support Alliance (
DBSA). Kim
feels there aren’t enough programs for mental disabilities. Her goal is to give
as much help to set up these organizations for success so individuals, such as
her autistic son and bipolar sister, will have the support they need.

Kim is an avid member of the
Society of Children Book Writers & illustrators ( contributing her time to many
events and conferences.

Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram | TikTok | Goodreads | Amazon

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will win a $10 Amazon GC, International.

2 winners will win a finished copy of ASK THE GIRL when available, US Only.


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It’s Live! Cover Reveal: Seeds for the Swarm (Sim Kern), Plus Giveaway! ~ US/CAN Only

June 10th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

Seeds for the Swarm (Sim Kern),

releasing November 1, 2022 from Stelliform Press!




Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Sim Kern:

I had my first panic attack about climate change in 1999, when I was in the eighth grade, brought on by binge-watching Animal Planet when I was home sick with a fever. My environmental fears made me feel extremely isolated throughout my teenage years from apathetic peers and climate-denying adults. When I became a high school English teacher in the 2010’s, I thought, surely amid this Young Adult publishing boom, there’s got to be some titles centering the climate crisis—but I found precious little. In 2013, I decided to write one myself, and that book eventually became Seeds for the Swarm.

I wrote Rylla McCracken for everyone who’s ever wanted to go to the halls of power, shout at politicians, “Why don’t you do something?” and actually set events in motion that would change the world. This series explores what would happen if a group of passionate, flawed college kids gained the power to remake the world. What kind of beautiful and terrible and necessary messes would they make? And what kind of civilization could we build in the aftermath?



Ready to see?

Scroll, YABCers! Scroll!

Here it is!

Cover designer/artist credit: Isip Xin

** If you choose to share this image elsewhere, please include a courtesy link back to this page so others can enter the giveaway. Thank you! ***


Title of the book: Seeds for the Swarm

Author’s name: Sim Kern

Release date: November 1 2022

Publisher: Stelliform Press

ISBN:  9781777682309



About the Book: Seed for the Swarm

Rylla McCracken dreams of escaping her family’s trailer in the Dust States to go to college, but on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her mother demands she drop out of school to work for Lockburn chemical refinery instead. When Rylla learns Lockburn is planning to dam the Guadalupe River—the last flowing water in Texas—she defies her mother to protest in the state capital. The protest ends in disaster, but her ensuing viral infamy gains Rylla an acceptance to the mysterious Wingates University.

At Wingates, Rylla befriends a diverse group of students, all working on new technologies to save the planet. Besides mountains of homework, Rylla struggles with guilt for leaving her brother behind in the Dust, where tensions with the Lush States are escalating towards civil war. Succeeding at Wingates seems like Rylla’s best chance to help her family, until she uncovers a terrible secret about the school’s billionaire backers. Now, Rylla and her friends are in a race http://: the rich to reclaim the world-altering technology they’ve developed—before it’s too late.

Website * Instagram * Twitter


Preorder *  Book Trailer




About the Author: Sim Kern

Sim Kern is an environmental journalist and speculative fiction writer, exploring intersections of climate change, queerness, and social justice. You can find links to all their stories at and follow them on Twitter @sim_kern, on Instagram @Sim_bookstagrams_badly, and on their YouTube channel.




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It’s Live! Cover Reveal: Poison Forest (Lauri Starling), Plus Giveaway! ~ INTERNATIONAL

May 12th, 2022 by

Hi, YABCers!

Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for

Poison Forest (Lauri Starling),

releasing October 18, 2022 from Sword and Silk Books!




Ready to see?

Scroll, YABCers! Scroll!

Here it is!

Cover designer/artist credit: Celin Chen

** If you choose to share this image elsewhere, please include a courtesy link back to this page so others can enter the giveaway. Thank you! ***


Title of the book: Poison Forest

Author’s name: Lauri Starling

Release date: 10/18/22

Publisher: Sword and Silk Books

ISBN (if available):  Ebook 979-8-9853273-9-7

Cover designer/artist credit: Celin Chen

About The Book: Poison Forest

There has been a string of disappearances in the Triumvir of Corundum. Someone is stealing royal children, and Thedra’s childhood sweetheart Dette, the princess of a neighboring kingdom, is the latest to go missing. When Thedra suspects the sorcerer she blames for her mother’s death is behind Dette’s disappearance, she refuses to let him harm anyone else. She sets out with the help of a dashing soldier and a secretive servant girl to find and rescue Dette before it’s too late. Thedra would do anything to stop the disappearances and save her friend–even cross a cursed forest that brings her nightmares to life. But one of her companions is hiding something, and the forest seems to want her dead. To defeat the sorcerer’s twisted magic, she must face her worst fears and risk losing what she wants most: the freedom to love who she chooses.

Order Now:

Meet Lauri Starling

Lauri Starling is a LGBTQ+ romance and fantasy author who periodically blogs about her experiences growing up in a cult in the rural South.


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Five winners will each receive an ebook of Poison Forest (Lauri Starling) ~ INT


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