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The Penultimate Peril audiobook review
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At this point in the series I know that things can never really end well. Yet, I always hold out a tiny bit of hope that this or that character may live and this or that mystery will be solved. And once again I'm left not exactly disappointed, but sad that Snicket wasn't lying all this time about the Baudelaire's terrible misfortune and they still can't catch a break.
Will someone please, PLEASE, just tell me what's in that damned sugar bowl? Seriously, I'm dying over here.
I'd completely forgotten about the big revelation pertaining to the hotel so it actually caught me by surprise, which I liked. Though, it's possible I was just being especially unobservant the day I listened/read it. (Sadly, my hopes of exploring said revelation were dashed after finishing the third book.)
One of the better books of the series, I'd say. I enjoyed having the lot of past characters all shoved into the hotel and sprinkled throughout the story.
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