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intriguing picture book about calming fears
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A HORSE CALLED NOW is a picture book about calming worries and anxieties. Now always seems calm to the other animals, and as they approach with their fears and concerns of others, Now reassures them that all is okay for now. When a storm rolls in, she leads them into the barn, where they wait out the storm with the animals they were afraid of. They all notice how well she handles potentially scary things, and she tells them how she breathes slowly and lets go of the fear, knowing that these things will pass.

What I loved: This is an interesting story that suggests taking a second to consider the other side of potentially scary situations and using deep breaths to stay calm. The story is written in a way that will approachable for young readers. Due to the amount of text and the content, I would recommend for elementary school aged readers.

Soft illustrations show the animals and sweeping colors depict the storm and its aftermath. A QR code offers an audiobook version that readers can use to read by themselves.

What left me wanting more: This may not work well for sensitive readers as the animals describe fears of being eaten or attacked. Sometimes, there are legitimate fears and this story does not really distinguish between them, recommending against taking precautions in these situations. It will work best for older children who can understand this and the other implications, while understanding that sometimes pausing and reassessing may be the best course of action.

Final verdict: A HORSE CALLED NOW is an interesting picture book that frames anxiety-provoking situations in a way of understanding that everything is okay in the moment. This will work best for elementary school aged readers.
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