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Roy Eberhardt has been moving from school to school all his life, so he knows what being the new kid is like. The first thing that happens to him when he moves to Florida is his face being mashed up against the school bus window. Strangely, hes not upset with the bully. Rather, he feels almost grateful, because if he hadnt been looking then, he wouldnt have seen the running boy.

Roy is intrigued, and he starts to pursue the kid. He also befriends Beatrice who is also connected to the running kid. It turns out that the new construction site for a pancake house coincides with the habitat of some owls. And the running boy is doing all he can to save those owls, because no one else will. Roy and Beatrice soon join in the fight to save the owls.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hoot. It was a cute and funny novel. It showed me that it is always important to do the right thing, but I felt that the running boy went a little too far sometimes; he might be considered an eco-terrorist. But I digress. Hoot was nonetheless a great read, and I recommend it for people in the middle grades.
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