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Reader reviewed by Fiona Flamingo

The sorceress of storytelling, J.K Rowling, has cast her spell upon readers in her narration of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth instalment in her phenomenal series. Now muggles everywhere can accio the book and devour this sumptuous tale! The Half-Blood Prince knots together the many plot strands from the previous five titles, yet it is deliciously dark and shockingly sinister. This is a sequel that seizes the mind and ensnares the senses of readers of all ages.
As the prospect of a second war descends upon the magical world, the realisation of the feared Lord Voldemorts return is met with trepidation and terror. Harry Potter, about to attend his sixth year at Hogwarts is increasingly isolated and well aware that he is the Chosen One; the one who will wage the final battle with Lord Voldemort. The plot hurtles along faster than the Hogwarts Express; a thrilling journey packed with mysterious names, revelations from the past, strengthening bonds, brutal betrayals, and ultimately, difficult choices. The book concludes on an agonisingly poignant note. Here, the chess board has been set. Now Ms. Rowling has to make the final moves, and the readers to wait and see what will happen next&.
The second war is reminiscent of World War 2; a looming thunder cloud of death and violence over the world, streets in turmoil, panicky people and wreaking vengeance. Lord Voldemort reminds me of Adolph Hitler, whose chief concern is purging the magical world of muggles, just like Hitlers obsession with the extermination of Jews, to create a super race.
In my view, the Harry Potter books bear resemblance to C. S Lewiss Narnia Chronicles in its other realm fantasy and battles and Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials in the depiction of soul sucking spectres. Ms. Rowling has shown her talent as a skilful artist in her use of unique colours and brush strokes in creating endearing or repugnant characters and has breathed life into everyone of them. The wise, Dumbledore, secretive Snape, brave, modest Harry, cold, calculating Voldemort, resourceful Hermione, witty Ron and larger than life, bumbling Hagrid, lure us into their world and increase our curiosity and concern to know more about them. The character I feel closest is to Hermione, although brilliant and bossy, she shares my love for books and reading.
This volume is abundant in rich imagery, fantastic devices and tantalisingly intricate plots and the pages are laced with humour, romance and scintillating dialogue. The only the thing I would alter is the way Dumbledore died, weak and pleading. Its not the end Id envisaged for such a noble figure-my version would be more peaceful and honourable.
The Half-Blood Prince has been brewed with a rare magical substancea potion any reader would willingly succumb to and escape into a world of fantasy. It is an engrossing book for older readers who like humour, fantasy and suspense. Readers anticipate the phoenix of Ms. Rowlings fiction to resurrect itself in a final volume.
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