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Zee loves telling stories, especially the spooky kind. That might be the reason why when she does start seeing strange things like scary hounds and ghosts, people aren’t eager to believe her. Branded the mean nickname “Ghost Girl” by Nellie, the most popular girl in school, Zee’s only true friend who believes her is Elijah. But as the weirdness amps up and the new school principal starts encouraging people to go for what they want (no matter the price), Zee, Elijah, and even Nellie will have to work together to save their town.

3 Reasons to Read GHOST GIRL:

1.) The super creepy villain: Principal Scratch is a shiver-inducing level of creepy. From his single red glove to his sinister smile to his dangerous rhetoric, he is a terrifying antagonist.

2.)The variety of family situations presented: No one family is the same in GHOST GIRL. Zee lives with her big sister while their father is away looking for work. Elijah has both his parents, but his mom is sick. Nellie seems to have the perfect everything, but you soon see her home life isn’t as perfect as it appears.

3.) The positive theme about working together to take down evil: No one person can solve a problem plaguing an entire community, but together, it can be done. Zee is far from eager to work with Nellie and doesn’t like how quickly Elijah is to trust her, but they need each other’s protection and friendship to fight the selfish evil draining the town.

GHOST GIRL is an ideal spooky, friendship-themed read for fans of Jodi Lynn Anderson’s THE MEMORY THIEF and Katherine Arden’s SMALL SPACES.
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