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Diary of a wimpy kid 


First of all this is not a diary! This book really isnt about princesses its actually a journal! So dont except this book to be all dear diary! The second thing is that hes not the type of guy whos a girls dream; hes the type of guy, whos in the background. The only thing he could impress a girl is by his video game skills and smarts. But no girls interested in that.

You might think this is a boring book by the title.

But its not, as you read this New York

Best Time-seller youll laugh your guts out.

WARNING: this book may contain too much comedy!!!

Jeff Kinney has also included many hilarious drawings as well.

This book is about a mixture of comedy and when friends dont workout.

You will see an inside life of a wimpy kid, and his point, of views and problems at school.

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