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what's a period
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Reader reviewed by stellargurl

this book is about a girl named Margeret who moves to a different state. On her official first day there she meets and makes a new friend. through out the book she and her friends go through a very important stage in their lives, a girls' life. getting their period.

when i first read this book i was in the third grade. my teacher, mr. hall said it was a great book and that i should read it. and he was right, it was a great book. i fully understood it except when it started talking about the period. my couriosity got the better of me not knowing what it was so i asked my older sister what it was. she not knowing what to say said it was what came at the end of a sentence. seeing as she wasnt helping i went to my older brother but he was just the same. finally i gave in and asked my mother. she really didnt want to tell me being at such a young age(8) but in the end she also gave in. knowing what it was made me understand the book even a great deal more.

after my first incounter with Are You Ther God? It's Me, Margaret, i read it again in the 4 and 5grade and as i read it each of those years my attention was drawn to parts it never was before.

i really like this book because it is interesting and its based on judy blume, the author's life. it relates to me 'cause most of my stories are based on my life. i would recomend this book to any girl at any age and to a sigle male parent espercially if he has a daughter to raise
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