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Middle Grade Fiction 1857
Among the Hidden
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Reader reviewed by Maddie Hemmerle

 Among The Hidden is about Luke and his family. Luke has to hide from the outside because he is a third child. There is a Population law that says you have to only two kids only. He has two brothers and of course a mom and a dad. His brothers names are Matthew and Mark. Matthew and Mark can actually go outside and go to school. Luke felt like he was in prison, he hated to hide. But when he was just about to lose hope, he saw a face, a kind of young face in the Sports family window when everybody already left. He starts to make a plan to go meet the face. He finally got the idea, goes outside, and goes inside the Sports family house. He was very excited about meeting another third child. Her name was Jen; she has a very good personality and is very brave. But when she asks Luke to join her for the rally, will he go?

       First I thought the book was very interesting and entertaining. I liked reading about the Population law and Luke and Jen. If the Population law was in South Carolina, I would very sad because Im a third child and I wouldnt be able to go outside or meet anybody. My favorite quote in the book in the book was she She wanted to live. Not die. Not hide. Live. I thought that was a good quote. Its a really strong quote. My favorite character is Luke because I thought Luke was a brave curious character. When he was learning all these things that Jen told him and him going to Jens house from his house was a very interesting part. I thought that Jen was cool because she got to go outside even if she was a third child and I thought she was brave because she is brave enough to go to the rally.

         Second I didnt like what happened at Jen at the rally. It was kind of shocking. I didnt like the part when Jen cut her hand for Luke and squeezed out blood onto the carpet. It was touching but, it almost made me throw up. I thought it was kind of sad when Lukes mom told him he couldnt be in the kitchen or eat with them anymore.

         My rating for this book is 5 stars. This is a very exciting, entertaining, interesting, cant put down book. People from 7 to 85 will love this book. 7 because I dont think little kids like 5 and 6 years old will understand this book.

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