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The Adventure of Tom Sawyer: The Risk Taker
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of those books where it only starts to get exciting towards the middle. The story begins as Aunt Polly sends Tom to whitewash the fence to where he’s being tested for the murder of Dr. Robinson. This story is about a teenage boy who is eager to see the world outside of his little box, he may have the perfect life, but does it always goes according to plan?
The character Tom Sawyer is seemingly believable as how his lifestyle can relate to an enormous amount of teenagers around the world. His resilience and his thirst of discovering new things makes it easy for us to understand his way of thinking and the choices he makes. Tom may have the most ideal life that any teenage boy dreams of: the chance to get away from school and family to go on an odyssey of his own. After the death of his parents, Tom stays with his aunt Polly, who generous and warm hearted, even though Tom behaves in churlish ways, she still loves him no matter what. All the characters in the book all speak in a Missouri dialect which makes the book a little confusing and hard to understand their conversations between each other. And because their way of speech is very interesting, the simplicity makes it interesting and easy to understand.
In conclusion I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. The book itself is very interesting and eye catching, yet if the writer made the opening of the novel more compelling it would have grabbed more attention. I would recommend this book to late teenagers, because I think this book can relate to themselves, and to understand that we are all the same when we’re young, and that is we all make mistakes. And if you are an adult, it’ll bring back those happy childhood memories that you once had.
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