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The 4th ASOUE book , won't make you miserable.
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Reader reviewed by Allire

In this fourth A Series of Unfortunate Events book, the Baudelaire children are sent to live at a 'miserable mill', where the boss would take care of them. Once they arrive, the owner/boss of the mill makes them work. He promises to try to keep Count Olaf away, if they promise to work. However, as the title of the series suggests, unfortunate events are yet to come.

This book is one of the most interesting books in the series. It involves hypnotism and yet another disguise used by Count Olaf. I liked this book because Count Olaf tried to get the children in a different way then the previous ways. Before he tried to get them through their current, at the time, guardian, and this time he tries to lure them by using Klaus and hypnotism. I also really like this book, and the entire series for that matter, because each story and event is completely different from the next. It's not like the same thing happens in each and every book. The plot and theme stays the same, but while using different situations and locations. I really liked this book for those previously mentioned reasons.
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