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Middle Grade Fiction 1860
Among the Hiden
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Reader reviewed by Emily Wilson

           Among the Hidden was a very-good-hard-to-put-down kind of book. It is about a boy named Luke who is illegal and has to hide all the time because he is a third child in a place that only allows women to have 2 children. Then he meets a girl named Jen, who does everything Luke has ever known to be illegal. He has secret meetings with her all the time, then he finds out that she has a plan to come out hiding. Can he trust her enough to go with her? Can he live his lie without going?

          This book had a lot to like about it. Its hard not to make a mile long list. I liked the fact that its realistic fiction and you really know it because Margaret Peterson Haddix make it as real as it can get. It also makes you conscious about the future. I was on the edge of my seat when Luke had his first meeting with Jen. It was sad that Luke couldnt live a normal life because of the population law. I also really liked Jen because she was a risk taker and wanted to tell the government things like give me liberty or give me death

          I would recommend this book to anyone who likes jump-out-of your-seat-action books because it had lots of action init. It was also a book for adventure lovers because Jen was an adventure lover. And also Among the Hidden is in the shadow children series, so read the rest of the series.

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