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Reader reviewed by mariani

   Looking for a good book that would keep you up all night because you can't put it down?Well here's one for you,it's called Among the Hidden,by Margaret Peterson Haddin.There are six series of these but make sure to read them in order.The genre would be fiction.
   The author in this book makes me feel like Im in the story like its happeing to me.I can actually picture every part they're doing and all the chararcters.I would say it's in the past because you can have more than two children and four.The setting conbines alot with the whole story and all.I say you would enjoy a book like this one.
  In among the Hidden,there are two main characters.They're bother hidden children that live their lives at home.They seem like ordinary people with difficult lives.If you were to compare both personalities they're both very different.One is very quiet scared little kid.The other one is crazy and risky.They both have two opposite minds.I did like the characters,they were reallly great.They had alot of emotions.
   The plot had many unsuspected things,and many changes.Which made the book even better than it is.It leaves you hanging at some parts but you'll be suprised in others.There are some parts that you may not believe but they're shockers.
    I seriously likes this book,I would've never have picked up and read it because just looking at the front cover,no lie,it looked boring!But it ends up being an awesome book.I would recommend it to anybody who's bored at home,go to tne library and ask for Among the Hidden.
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