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Darren Shan is considered a master of horror. His books are intriguing and compelling. They take you to a world full of unimaginable possibilities. This series is no different. It is about a zombie outbreak that puts its character’s lives in shambles. It is a book about the struggle with abuse, racism, acceptance, and reality. This story has blood, gore, tragedy, and humor crammed into one book. Although this is going to be a twelve book series, Darren always manages to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout each story.

The main character, B, grew up in a racist and abusive home. B goes throughout life struggling to pretend to be racist for a father’s approval, while actually fighting against actually being a racist. Always the tough guy, B picks on anyone who stands in the way of the image B has created. The recent news of a zombie attack in Ireland seems like a joke to almost everyone who watches. I mean who believes in zombies right! Although they have the evidence on film, the world just blows it off as some up and coming movie itching for publicity. The main thing on B’s mind is protecting a mother who cannot seem to protect herself. Yet, the majority of B’s actions revolve around the man causing the mother so much pain and suffering. All B really wants is his love and approval. Even the principal of the school seems to agree with the father. B escapes being suspended from school for fighting, for making racist slurs might I add, because they attend the same racist meetings. Only after being called out by one of their favorite teachers on a school field trip does B finally see the severity of their hatred. So is this what prompts B to save a kidnapped Indian baby during this field trip? B rushes after the kidnapper only to realize this is not a normal person. This is some kind of …. MUTANT. At the end of the day, B is a hero and revered by both staff and friends. Yet, the revelry is slightly dissipated by an unexpected visitor. The stranger is weird and makes B feel extremely uncomfortable, and how does he seem to know about the nightmare that has haunted B for years? Days go by with no more word of anymore zombie attack until there is an outbreak at B’s school. They seem to appear out of no where! B and some others decide to find a way out as soon as possible. BUT WAIT! Are the doors jammed? Is this a set up? How will they escape? Oh, not to mention tough guy B has a big secret that is about to be revealed. What will happen? Who will survive? Will B overcome an abusive father and his impending racism? Better read and find out!
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