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Pray before you can save the day
(Updated: April 26, 2024)
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Zain’s Super Friday is about a boy ready to use his imagination to save the world but must attend the special Friday religious service at his Mosque first. The illustrations do a great job of capturing Zain’s boundless enthusiasm to play and his slight boredom listening to a prayer service. His desire to play with his dad and his letdown when his dad must work is relatable for the children and the adults who read this book. Many Muslim religious terms and practices are incorporated into this book. A non-Muslim can gain context clues from the illustrations about some of what is happening and the Author’s note at the end gives a good explanation but this would be best enjoyed by someone who participates in these special prayer services and knows exactly what they are about. Overall, this book depicts how a young Muslim incorporates their faith into their normal day. Many of the behaviors Zain has are relatable to any child helping to normalize people from this faith for non-Muslim readers.
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