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YOU ARE YOUR OWN FAIRYTALE is the latest book to be released by amanda lovelace. This particular series kicked off in 2020 with BREAK YOUR GLASS SLIPPERS, then got a new installment in 2021 with SHINE YOUR ICY CROWN, and finished up in 2022 with UNLOCK YOUR STORYBOOK HEART. Each piece of the three-part series couldn’t be found together until now. Thanks to YOU ARE YOUR OWN FAIRYTALE, all four hundred and fifty-one pages are in one place, in one of the most beautifully published books you can find.

To start with, the artwork in this collection is gorgeous. The hardback cover is everything you’d want a book on this subject to be. I love the blue and gold detailing and even the silky feel of the book in my hands. Then, inside, there are multiple spreads of beautiful illustrations with deep and rich colors that are also functional in order to help separate the pieces and provide structure. More than that, the old doodles accompanying the poems have been updated with flashes of color, either light pink, light blue, or light green depending on which section of the book it is. Overall, the quality of the print evokes magic, power, and gravity.

In terms of content, the first third of the book deals with body image and self-worth, the second tackles depression and anxiety, and the third is grief and perfectionism. I have previously reviewed the poems themselves in BREAK YOUR GLASS SLIPPERS here: and the same for SHINE YOUR ICY CROWN here: Overall, the poetry will appeal to those who are fans of micropoetry and instapoetry. Lovelace typically brings readers on a self-exploratory journey, dropping pearls of wisdom along the way.

For those who are fans of lovelace, you must pick up this collection. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful gift, but it’s practical as well, combining all the favorites into one book that can be picked up over and over again. Not only that, but it will look stellar on your bookshelf, and comes with a blue-ribbon place holder. The vision for this book couldn’t have been more perfect!
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