You Are Loved

You Are Loved
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May 07, 2024
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A young child learns all the ways they are loved by nature and, most of all, by the person reading to them in this gentle and lyrical picture book reminiscent of Love from the Crayons and Alison McGee’s Someday.

You are loved…by the grass...
As it softens your path...
You are loved…by the wind...
How it plays with your hair.

A little tyke wanders through a welcoming world of sun, grass, and flowers, dancing to bird chirps, spying new friends in the clouds, and waving to waves. After hello-ing stars and giving a hello-there to the moon, the explorer finally returns to someone who loves them as deeply as all the world.

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Mother (Nature) Loves You
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As a child goes through the day, there are gentle reminders of how natural elements interact with us. From the sun shining on faces in the early morning to the moon and stars at night, the child is assured that these things are brightening the day with flowers, invitations to dance, and listening to wishes. Of course, at the end of the day, the most important person who loves the child is "me", the reader of the book.

Good Points
The illustration style is exuberant and quirky, with the child sporting a pair of rabbit ears and a mop of unruly hair, just perfect for the wind to play with. I loved how the colors started out clear and bright in the early part of the day, darkened a bit with the ocean and rain, and ended with the deep blacks and purples of the night sky.

The page design is clever as well, with large cursive writing on the left hand pages, stating "You are loved by...", which is a nice, lulling repetition. On the right, there is more of an explanation of just how nature is showing this love, in small, nonserif font. It's never too early to expose young readers to the "code" of older generations and encourage them to recognize cursive writing!

There are a growing number of books about emotions and feelings, and books for adults to read to children that proclain the devotion that they have to their young charges. This is right on trend with titles like McLean's You are My Little Star and Carry My Heart With You, Hepworth's I Love You to the Moon and Back All Year Long, or Collins-Black Our Unbreakable Thread.
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