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Gripping Tale of soldier's band during the Vietnam War
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Dean Kohler dreams of making it big with his rock and roll band. He finally gets a chance at this by scoring a national record deal! But his dreams are shattered when he receives his draft notice.

He arrives in Qui Nhon, Vietnam. He's a MP--military policeman. He witnesses horrors of war that make him question himself. Then his captain orders him to form a rock band to lift the soldiers spirits. Through perseverance he's able to put together the band. They travel through Vietnam to perform for the troops. The band helps him and others get through the horrors of war one song at a time. A true story that will stay with you.

I really enjoyed this memoir! The Vietnam War is still an uncomfortable subject for me. I still remember a grade school teacher getting in trouble for discussing the war. You just didn't do that in 70s. What I liked about this story was how the author does a great job showing both his conflicts and struggles of being a soldier. The story is gripping and pulls you right in.

I especially loved how he compared his experiences with those soldiers dealing with our current war. How both deal with trying to understand the reasons behind going and fighting.

I loved how Dean was able to pull together a band and use his music to help not just himself, but others. The images at time are vivid and graphic but so is war. I felt as if I was right there in the jungle terrain, praying no one would shoot at them. Also haunting is one scene where he sees another dead MP in a jeep and comes to the frightening conclusion if he'd been there a little earlier that might have been him.

The writing is powerful and intense. Not the usual boring memories of a begone war. No, this story will pull you right in. What's especially great about this story is that it's true. Dean puts a whole new meaning on 'band of brothers'.

A must read for those interested in reading memoirs of Vietnam told through the eyes of a soldier.
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