Homelanders: The Long Way Home

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Morals book with good story
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Reader reviewed by thatwemightfly

I was a little wary of reading this as I hadn't read the first in the series but I was pleasantly surprised on how well I could jump in. There are tons of flashbacks and it's almost like The Lion King 1 ½ in the way that it's sort of a new story but it includes all the things that are familiar, or should be familiar if you have read the first book. 

There were some great scenes that really had a lot of tension and had me flipping pages pretty fast. I didn't really expect that, I thought it was going to be more mentally focused on a mystery but it held it's own with things like the Jason Bourne movies and 24. 

There are some good messages in this, some good morals that come out and you can tell that the book is written with a purpose. It borderlined a little cheesy, but the story was good so I guess that can be forgiven. Maybe someone who reads this kind of book will think differently, but I definitely thought it was obvious. 

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. It's missing one because the moral of the story seems to be spelled out to the reader and I kinda find that annoying sometimes. But it really was a good book in the end.
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