Darkness on a Sunny Day: The Struggle of an Adopted Child to Find Herself

Darkness on a Sunny Day: The Struggle of an Adopted Child to Find Herself
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April 27, 2009
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Who would have thought that each day you would be thankful for the pain you had suffered throughout your childhood? Each day I do. I think about how I wouldnat have as much insight and understanding to lifeas daily living. I am thankful for what anguish and suffering have allowed me to learn about me, who I am as a person and people around me. This book has taught me things step by step while writing it and looking back at the past, about my identity and what I want in life. I hope that others may learn from my own experiences before they make a mistake. Imagine a one-year-old already understanding the meaning of anger and hatred. That was me. After being juggled around for the first six months of my life and then landing in a foster home where I felt safe, I already had abandonment issues. Then, by six, imagine remembering being taken away from a family that you thought would be forever. When my adoptive family came along, I was already attached to another family. Even though a dream had come true, I never really came to terms with my new family because I thought I already had one. Years later, I figured it out. Their intentions were only good, loving, and caring to a child who didnat have any love left to spare.

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