Quick Cash for Teens: Be Your Own Boss and Make Big Bucks

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Want to make some money? Suuuure you do! As a matter of fact, the author of this book raked in a cool $75 dollars and hour in his own business while he was in high school, so he knows what he's talking about.

In this book, you can learn how to start a business doing something you like to do and actually succeed at it. You'll get the step by step plan on how to go about picking the perfect business for you; financial expert and author Peter Bielagus runs these ideas through what he calls the "Five S Formula":

·         Simple

·         Safe

·         Skills

·         Satisfying

·         Self-Seller

Bielagus also gives tips on how to name your business and how to attract customers. Once you're making money, QUICK CASH FOR TEENS continues to help you. It teaches how to make a financial plan, and then how to draw up income statements, cash-flow statements, and balance sheets (and why you need these). Plus, there are pages and pages on how to make your business better and how to make your money grow.

This book is enjoyable to read. The author has a gift for explaining financial topics (these usually make my eyes glaze over and drool string from my lower lip in a most unbecoming fashion) in a way that anyone (even me) can understand. I also enjoy reading all the "tales from the front lines" -- stories about teens and their businesses.

Inspiring and fun, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in starting up a business.

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