Being a Girl Who Serves: How to Find Your Life by Giving It Away (Being a Girl #2)

Being a Girl Who Serves: How to Find Your Life by Giving It Away (Being a Girl #2)
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February 01, 2006
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How do you react when God asks you to do something "beneath" you? Do you ignore His voice, hoping He'll find someone else to complete the job? How often do you sacrifice yourself to help others? Serving others is not a cushy job; it often requires that you stoop at least a little. But to be a servant of God, you must surrender your pride and not hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get to work.
Matthew 20:28 tells us that Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve. And if we are to be like Jesus, we must also serve others. But servanthood is not a position you can step into and out of when you feel like it; it is a lifestyle. Make it your lifestyle. God doesn't need big people to do big things; He can use you right where you are. A little action in your tiny space of the world can lead to amazing things.

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Reader reviewed by Veronika

For those who have lost their faith or those who have not met the Christ yet and even for those who believe but don't know how to help, there is this book.

You always say : "I already heard it a thousand of times, leave me alone with that, that's not so easy !"
But when you read it, it's another bell ring.

Shannon explains how being a girl who serves, every day, with many pieces of life, advices and sharing experiences.

Personally, this book helped me a lot. It opened my eyes to something I heard every day but I didn't LISTENED to.

A really good Self-Help. I highly recommend it.
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