Mend A Story of Divorce

Mend A Story of Divorce
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November 06, 2018
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Sophia, the fourteen-year-old author and protagonist, tells the heart-wrenching story of her parents’ divorce. She was just eleven years old, happy and enjoying life with her mom, dad, and little brother in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unexpectedly, one night, a violent argument disrupted her sleep and shattered her life. The next morning, her parents told her the dreaded news—they were getting divorced. Her dad was moving to California, while Sophia and her brother would stay with their mom.

Any child who has experienced the trauma of divorce will understand Sophia’s reactions: First, she blamed herself. But then, she remembered a note a teacher once wrote on her report card, and was inspired to focus on bringing both parents back into her life. Even if they could not be under the same roof, she thought, they could still share in caring for her and her brother.

Sophia’s story will resonate with children (and adults) who have faced a split in their family, or who have friends dealing with divorce. The book includes helpful advice for parents, as well as a special Teacher’s Corner page.

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Mend A Story of Divorce
(Updated: December 13, 2018)
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What worked: Explores one teen's experience of dealing with the divorce of her parents. For those going through a similar situation, this book will help them realize that they're not alone and not to blame. That message is powerful and also helpful.

At times though this tale has a tendency to go way over the top. Also it uses the image of an angel throughout. One teacher's comment about the author being an angel spreading her wings to help is taken literally. When Sophia's parents divorce, it's painful. The illustrations do a great job of showing this pain. After the divorce, Sophia ends up being the one to get her parents to realize that they need to be there for her and her younger brother. Though this works in Sophia's case, others might not be as lucky. I realize this is Sophia's story. If educators use this book in their classes, I would suggest mentioning that though Sophia had a happier ending, not all end that way. Still, this book will help open up the discussion of divorce and co-parenting.

Told in graphic novel format, a teen's experience with the divorce of her parents is sure to open up discussions on the topic.
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1. Explores one teen's experience of dealing with the divorce of her parents
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