This is our Constitution: Discover America with a Gold Star Father

This is our Constitution: Discover America with a Gold Star Father
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October 24, 2017
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From Gold Star father and beloved Democratic National Convention speaker Khizr Khan comes a book for young people about the Constitution—what it says and why it matters for everyone.

Our Founding Fathers created the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as a blueprint for American government and the rights of American citizens. This document is not merely a piece of parchment but a living, breathing promise of our deepest democratic values.

Khizr Khan grew up in Pakistan, with few of the fundamental rights that are enshrined in the Constitution. He immigrated to America and became a citizen, raising his family to appreciate and honor all our nation has to offer. Khizr Khan is deeply passionate about the Constitution: the guarantees and protections it provides for each and every person and the beacon of light it shines throughout the world.

This Is Our Constitution is a personal journey that Khizr Khan is taking with our nation’s young people.

The book includes:
* A highly personal introduction and conclusion
* Notes throughout that share Khizr Khan’s reflections on and connections to the U.S. Constitution
* The fascinating history of why and how the Constitution was written
*Article by article and section by section, an easy-to-follow explanation of what the Constitution means
* A closer look at key amendments, including the Bill of Rights, and pivotal Supreme Court decisions
* The complete texts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

This is a book about why the Constitution matters to you, and us all.

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An inspirational look at our Constitution and the structure of the United States Government
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This is our Constitution is an entertaining and educational text every student—and some adults—should read. The passion and profound respect the author has for this great country bleeds from the page.

Khan explains the history of the American Constitution in easy to understand English for young readers to enjoy. Illustrations and graphics break up the text to give readers further insight into the subjects discussed.

Khan explains why we need a constitution, how the founding fathers came to write both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Each amendment of the Bill of Rights are explained, (as well as each successive amendment after).

I particularly enjoyed the section on landmark Supreme court cases, explained in a way that shows young readers how these issues have had a lasting affect on our judicial system.

I would highly recommend this book for school libraries as well as personal libraries for those students who find a interest in the way their country functions.

How very true these words are:
“The Constitution is more than a document. It’s a living, breathing promise of our deepest democratic values and most cherished human dignities. It belongs to all Americans, but especially to young Americans. You are the custodians of our Constitution. You are my heroes.”
-- Khizr Khan.
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