How to Be You: Stop Trying to Be Someone Else and Start Living Your Life

How to Be You: Stop Trying to Be Someone Else and Start Living Your Life
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August 02, 2016
This book is about how to finally give up on feeling bad about ourselves and discover the best person we can be.

An interactive experience, How to Be You invites you to make the book your own through activities such as coloring in charts, answering questions about how you do the things you do, and discovering patterns in your lives that may be holding you back. Through Jeffrey's own story of "growing up fabulous in a small farming town"--along with the stories of hero/ines who have transcended the stereotypes of race, age, and gender--you will discover that you are not alone, can deepen your relationship with yourself, and find the courage to take a leap that will change your life.

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Before reading this I had not heard of Jeffrey Marsh, but after reading this book I can tell you that he is a truly wonderful person. His positivity, honesty, and individuality are what made this book stand apart from similar books.

Reading this book was such a different and fun experience! As it says in the synopsis, it is very much an interactive book filled with little activities like designing your own superhero cape or drawing that Valentine you’ve always wanted. I felt like those little activities were cute and relaxing, and a reminder to not take things so seriously!

However, the biggest thing I took from this book was about living life on your own terms. As everyone knows, society often tries to put people into boxes, especially when they are younger or growing. What Jeffrey really emphasizes in this book is that individuality is something that makes us human and that conforming is the easiest way to create an unhappy life for yourself.

“You deserve to feel free.
You deserve to be let off the hook.
And as hard as it seems, you can let the people who taught you there is something wrong with you off the hook too.”

Individuality is what is most special about the human race, and yet most people are often shamed because of it at least once in their life. Jeffrey not only tells you that individuality is something part of you, but also something that should make you proud. It is not only something that we have all been through, but that Jeffrey clearly has as well.

What was special about how he brought this message to his readers, was that he made you come to that conclusion on your own. It is easy to write about your own experiences and it is easy to find his experiences relatable, but it is a different thing to actually allow your readers to truly believe it. Throughout the book there were questions that Jeffrey asks his readers to think about and answer, as well as questions that others have asked. At first I quickly would answer the questions in my head.. but the longer I took to really think about them, the more I realized things about myself.

This book truly offers its readers a chance to see themselves for how they are, and to love themselves despite what society, family, friends, etc may say. It is inspiring, uplifting, and Jeffrey’s positive voice shines on every page.

“We are in this together.
There are people like you out there.
And we are waiting for you.
Your heart is waiting for you.”
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