The Lost Alliance (The Nihryst Book 3)

The Lost Alliance (The Nihryst Book 3)
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June 16, 2021
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A broken treaty. An enchanted blade. A love worth fighting for. The truth has come out, but not as they expected. The kingdom of Detmarya is on the brink of war, led by a king who has yet to be properly crowned. Shane took his father's throne far sooner than anticipated, and his fear of failure haunts his every move. With the help of his friends, new and old, he must face betrayal, his sister's mortality, and his own feelings. But when a new story comes to light, one of a warrior worthy of carrying an ancient hero's blade, he dares to hope they may finally have the answers they seek. For without the stars' help, despite having the biggest military on their side of the world, King Shane won't have the power to save those he loves.

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Once again, Cait has done it. I love that it is so easy to boost her works when she does an amazing job herself. This was the conclusion to her The Nihryst series and it was a great conclusion. I will admit that the beginning did take me a big to get into but once I reached half way, I flew through the book. Looking back on it, I think it was the change of pace for narration. The first two books were primarily told through Ada’s point of view and this one is told mostly through Shane’s. It took me a bit to get through because Shane really is the lover out of them all and the adventure and fast paced plot didn’t pick up until that halfway point. But it was really nice to see more of Shane’s side of the story and understand why his people are all so eager to follow him. The pacing was nicely done and the whole story just flowed together. Not one of the pieces ever felt out of place and I really enjoyed reading this story.

I love all of these characters. Phillip has more time in this book as well, naturally. Like I said above, the first two stories were mostly told through Ada’s point of view but this one was mostly Shane. It wasn’t bad and I really did enjoy reading more about Shane but I really think Ada is the star of this show. I fell in love with her character in the first book and her fierceness always brought something extra to the stories. I absolutely loved the twist on Ada’s immortality though – so clever!

Overall, The Lost Alliance was a fantastic end to this story. I absolutely loved reading Ada, Shane, and Lee’s story from the beginning and seeing where they all ended up. So many characters were introduced and it was great to see how everything played out. Cait did such a fantastic job making this story and creating a wonderful world. While the beginning was just a little slower than I anticipated, I destroyed the end of this book as I was racing to find out what happened next. I highly recommend this whole series to anyone who enjoys lost stories, magic, pirates, fierce princess, and a prince who would give up everything for the people he loves.
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