Broken Sky

Broken Sky
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On-site Creative
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May 08, 2021
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Sir Isaac Newton predicted the world would end before 2090.

He was right.

Now, the Travellers—people who can "remember" their own futures—have determined that Earth’s final day is just weeks away.

Jack Scatter is an ordinary teenager with the normal concerns that come with life in a small farming community: school, his job, and a long-distance relationship with Sarah. Sarah Rogers is smart, ambitious, and wants a role in saving her world’s endangered species. But their home towns are on Cirrus, a planet-sized space station, and Newton’s prophecy threatens both worlds.

When Jack and Sarah uncover a scheme by Pieter Reynard, a Traveller, to bring about his own version of the apocalypse, they’re launched on an adventure that spans two worlds. While Jack runs, trying to stay ahead of Pieter’s thugs, Sarah uncovers more secrets and becomes a target. But Pieter is not the only Traveller, and not the only one plotting.

The final hours of the prophecy are counting down. The Travellers see different versions of the future but agree that Jack and his friends will be at the center of events. Can they save Earth and Cirrus? Just one? Neither? Either way, millions may suffer.

Set in the late twenty-first century, BROKEN SKY is a YA science-fiction adventure, the first of a trilogy where magic increasingly replaces technology, and dragons have political ambitions.

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