The Captain's Daughters

The Captain's Daughters
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April 17, 2021
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What would you do if you were abducted by aliens, managed to escape and find your way back home, only to discover that no one knows who you are?

For most adolescents, growing up is hard enough when one has both feet planted firmly on the ground. But for mischievous, twelve-year-old sisters Diane and Robin, life is complicated further by the fact that their father, Captain William Marsh, is the commander of the Starship Polaris. Living among the stars provides a never-ending realm of creative possibility for the free-spirited girls’ pranks and adventures.

When aliens bent on profit and revenge kidnap Diane and Robin, only their indomitable spirit, ingenuity, and a common love of trouble allow the pair to escape the alien vessel. Finding their way home seems assured until the sisters realize they have been taken into a parallel universe, almost identical to their own, but with surprising differences. Suddenly faced with a family that does not recognize them, and further from home then they could ever have imagined, the sisters must evade an enemy who will stop at nothing to get them back into his evil clutches. Blocked by interstellar battles, malevolent creatures, and overwhelming obstacles, the sisters fear they may never find a way to return to their own universe and to the father they love.

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