Forest of the Fae (The Balloonist Chronicles Book 2)

Forest of the Fae (The Balloonist Chronicles Book 2)
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Independently Published
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January 31, 2021
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War has been declared. Furious at being deceived by Olivia, and with the magic of the fae failing, the Elven queen vows to destroy the rebel elves and their home once and for all. When mother Earth reveals Olivia is their only hope of winning the coming battle, she has two choices. Stay and fight for her friend’s freedom—at the risk of never seeing her loved ones again. Or flee in her magic hot air balloon in the hope of returning home. In another world, Lucy struggles to navigate life with friends. A task made infinitely harder when she falls on her face during a touch football game, securing the loss for her team. Embarrassed, she retreats to the comfort of solitude once more. Can Lucy push through her humiliation? Or will she ruin the friendships she’s worked so hard for? Both must decide if they will fight their fears or return to the safety of the worlds they once knew.

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So much fun!
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Such a fascinating series.

The Story:
Once again, we're following two different stories, that of Olivia in her world and Lucy in the real world. Both have challenges they must face, though very different from each other. Olivia has made some dangerous enemies who want nothing more than to destroy her and her friends, while Lucy continues to struggle with the bullying and embarrassment at her own school. Only, Olivia's story is being told in the past as she helps Lucy in the present.

What I loved:
The way this story weaves different timelines and worlds together is so much fun. Olivia and Lucy are able to find common ground despite being so different and they're becoming almost like sisters. Lucy and her father are so kind. It's nice to see.
This book has quite a bit of excitement, and the idea of a piece of Mother Earth's heart being stolen, weakening her reminded me a bit of Moana, which is amazing. I'm a huge fan of Fae, and I loved how much Olivia cared for them and how loyal she was to them.

What was just okay:
Everything was pretty good.

Final Verdict:
A fun romp around a fantasy world with engaging and likable characters, excitement, and heart.
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