Rescuers From Illur

Rescuers From Illur
Publisher Name
Local Dreamer Publishing
Age Group
Published Date
July 16, 2021
ISBN Number
Very few in the worn encampment even notice the boy they have known
since birth. With feelings of not being liked or cared for, Edan spends
his days exploring and only returns for meager shelter during the night.
Believing he is fine on his own, the quiet boy has adapted to rely only
on himself.

Strangers arrive at a camp built around a structure that was long ago a
wondrous house. They come on the heels of fear, but bring knowledge and
the promise of travel to a thriving society. The possibility of
prosperity within a world of hard work and nothingness would mean
tremendous change for those living in the camp. Edan is wary, but
interested in the strangers and soon connects with one who believes she
is meant to save his people. As Edan’s bond grows with the captivating
girl, Vita, the strangers ready themselves to return to Illur with the
people of the encampment.

Even though he has every reason to go, it is a struggle for Edan to
leave the only place he has known to travel somewhere he hopes exists.
Trust is hard won for a boy who is used to being alone, but loyalty
seems rooted in his soul. He wants to believe, for himself and all the
others of his camp who wonder if they can find a better life in Illur.

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