Kingdom of Ink and Paper (The Betwixt and Between Chronicles Book 1)

Kingdom of Ink and Paper (The Betwixt and Between Chronicles Book 1)
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Sandcrest Publishing LLC
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March 02, 2021
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Every book you’ve ever read. Every story you’ve ever
heard. What if they were all true?

When high school student Will Morgan goes on a school trip to Boston,
he doesn’t expect to witness a murder. But when best-selling
novelist Arthur O’Neill is found dead, Will realizes there’s more
to this writer’s books than just words.

After O’Neill’s death, Will receives a mysterious package: a copy
of The Redstone Keep, one of O’Neill’s famous novels. Upon reading
the book, Will passes out and is introduced to a man named Tam
Desmond, The Redstone Keep’s protagonist. Tam explains that he is a
resident of the World of the Written, a universe parallel to our own
where everything ever published by humans comes to life.

Through his conversations with Tam, Will learns that something was
targeting Arthur, and that same force is now after him. Armed with his
new powers and a magical sword, Will sets out on a journey to solve
the mysteries surrounding the murder; however, all the while,
Arthur’s death may have just been the start of something much more

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