Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Stones

Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Stones
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Independently Published
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September 28, 2020
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“Baetylus stones? Listen, old boy, you don’t need to kidnap me to do that. Just ask me formally. Or informally! I'm very good at talking about them, you’ll see!”

“I know you are Peter. But I don’t just need your scintillating conversation. I need you to direct us to them!”

“Did you not hear what I said? They’re lost to history!”

“They’re only lost to history at this present time. However, you knew where they used to be.”

“Well how on Earth is that going to do you any good?”

“Simple, Professor Lansdowne. We’re going to go back in time and steal them!”

Darius Dent, now released from prison is up to his old tricks. Joining forces with the evil Lord Kallick, he kidnaps Professor of Ancient History, Peter Lansdowne, in a bid to locate the Baetylus Stones, ancient powerful artefacts from history.

Join Barnaby and chums as they leap their way around history from Delphi to Rome and Carthage to Mount Cassius in a desperate attempt to locate the stones before Dent can empower himself with them and wreak havoc on Earth.

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