Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine

Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine
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Independently Published
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July 15, 2020
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"I just have to get into the basement Momo. I need to know what Uncle Finch is up to. This is very peculiar.”

Are you looking for an intriguing new science fiction adventure book? One that will take you on a fascinating and dangerous journey through time?

When Barnaby Brown moves to New York with his mum, he is totally daunted by the prospects of a new school and friends. Then of course there is his eccentric uncle and the strange noises coming from the basement.

Along with his new American pal Jack, they distract Uncle Finch and discover a “teleport device” has been developed. And so the exciting quest begins for our heroes Barnaby, his family and friends which takes them through space and time.

Fuelled by an alien crystal, the device endows the holder with great powers and awakens the watchful eyes of those who have been moderating it in the universe for millennia.

As the gang travel back to 1942, Uncle Finch is captured by the Nazis. A scheme to rescue him is thwarted by Darius Dent; a devious millionaire arms manufacturer and the boss of Barnaby’s mother. He plots to take possession of the time machine and crystal!

Join Barnaby and the gang as they journey back in time and to a fantasy alien world. They are on a single MISSION … to overthrow Dent and his accomplices and return the crystal to its rightful owner!

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