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S.W. Creative Publishing co
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June 28, 2019
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Two forces rule the world—Fear and Desire. Vampires are masters of both.

3,000 years ago, the first Vampiri walked the earth. The Ancients. They’ve lived among humans ever since—ruling from the shadows—and I'm one of them.

Though most of our power comes in numbers, I reject that way of life. Being a mercenary not only pays well, it also requires ruthless skills—and I don’t care much for humans… except for one.
Wanting me to choose their side in the Străbun Dynasties’ battle for supremacy, the Martel Dynasty has hunted me for centuries, but I’ve remained just out of their reach. Until a new bounty-hunter crashes one of my kill-jobs, forcing me to save my mark, Mathew Delvaux, and take him with me during my escape.
Having to babysit a human while vile huntsmen try to abduct me, was not part of the plan, but for the first time in three millennia all four clans are after me, and I suspect that Mathew is the only one who can help me figure out why.

They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want, or kill me if they don't.

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