The Art of Holding On

The Art of Holding On
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January 24, 2020
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Life happens, whether you’re ready or not. All you can do is hold on and go along for the ride. That’s the motto Hadley Jones lives by, and for good reason. Most of the women in her family have repeated the same pattern. Single motherhood. Working two jobs just to scrape by. For Hadley, wanting more is not an option. Which is why her friendship with Sam Constable was doomed before it even began. He was sweet, popular and destined for great things outside their small town. But when he risked one kiss, and told her he loved her, Hadley refused to believe they could ever stand a chance. Hurt and angry, Sam moved to his father’s place in Los Angeles, leaving Hadley alone. Now, a year has passed. Sam is back and more determined than ever to convince Hadley they’re meant to be. But Hadley can’t forget how Sam deserted her. And when Sam learns of the mistake she made while he was gone, she’ll have to decide whether to let him go again, or finally take a stand and fight for the future—and they boy –she wants with all her heart.

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You know those books that hit you in the gut? The ones you can't look away from? That was this one for me.

The Story:
Hadley and Sam had an epic friendship before romantic feelings got involved, namely Sam's. He sees more in Hadley than she's ever seen in herself, but she doesn't feel like she belongs in his world. After her rejection, Sam cuts off all contact and moves away to live with his dad across the country.
Now he's back, but nothing is the same. Hadley hasn't had it easy and she's not the same girl he abandoned. Yet, he'll do anything to get her back into his life, because he doesn't care if they fit when he knows they're right together.

What I loved:
Just about everything. The writing style is unique and simple, but moves forward at a pace that keeps you glued to the words. My heart was beating frantically the entire time because of allll the emotions. This book made me FEEL, y'all. Hadley has had such a hard life and I just wanted her to have something, anything good. By the time I finished the book, I was crying for everything they'd been through.

What was just okay:
It took me a long time to warm up to Sam because I was so team Hadley. Some of his actions made me feel like he didn't truly love her, but I was happy Hadley found the same issues with those actions and the fact that he either wanted everything or nothing from her--sort of like an ultimatum.

Final Verdict:
The kind of story you remember long after the last page, with engaging characters, an entrancing writing style, and heartbreaking emotions.
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