Dating Washington: A Sweet M/M Romance

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Dating Washington: A Sweet M/M Romance
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October 18, 2019
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I live in a fishbowl. Sometimes I call it a prison.

The White House is the only home I’ve ever really known. Yeah, that White House.

The entire world idolizes my family. And me? I’m the president’s gay son, Asher Brooks. Some people cheer for me, others only want me to go away.

I wish they’d all just see me, Asher.

I come with a lot of baggage in the form of a team of secret service agents following me wherever I go and a codename that reminds them all just who I am.

It’s no wonder I’ve never been kissed.

Now it’s my birthday and my present? A huge, stuffy party, Washington style.

I didn’t expect my former best friend, Kenny, to show up. I didn’t plan to escape my own party with him. I’ve hated him since the day he decided he couldn’t be friends with the gay kid.

So, why did I let him kiss me?

And why do I want to do it again?


Hockey is life.

Well, I want it to be. I have a three letter goal: N-H-L.

Focusing on my dream helps me tune out my parents’ constant disapproval.

Because I’m that guy, Kenny Montgomery, son of the conservative senator. Only months ago, every media outlet posted pictures of me kissing another boy.

Yep, outed in epic fashion. Go big or go home.

I’d rather just go home.

Now, here I am at the White House of all places, forced to sit through a party for someone I once considered my only friend. But that was before. Before I abandoned him, afraid people would assume I played for his team (News flash. I did.)

He’s become this tall, insanely talented artist. Even if it was possible for me to leave every doubt behind, Asher Brooks is out of my league.

It’s better to focus on that three letter goal.


No, not that one.


Yeah, I’m screwed.

Dating Washington is a full-length sweet M/M romance with a HEA. If you like swoony boys, heartbreaking moments, and a love that transcends everything, this book is for you.

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