Prophecy Untold (Shadow Realms book 3)

Prophecy Untold (Shadow Realms book 3)
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October 31, 2019
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Finding out my mother was taken by the demons was both devastating and the best news I’d ever gotten. She’s still alive—and I’m going to get her back.The only problem is I need someone on the inside, someone I can trust. Someone who just might get us all killed. Then there’s the fact that I’ll need the other descendants to gain the upper hand that will enable us to destroy the demons once and for all, casting them back into the Shadow Realms. Help will come from the most unlikely of places, and as hard as it is for me to trust, that is exactly what I must do.Because it's not just our lives at stake. It's also my mother’s and every other human’s on the planet. If we screw up, the demons will take over our world, and I’m not sure we’ll get another chance to stop them. Luckily, I'm not easily rattled. I’m a descendant of the original Huntress, born to defy, destroy, and protect, and I will do whatever it takes to see this through to the end. I just pray everyone will survive to see us succeed.

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Kali is the hope of saving the world from vampires and demons. She’s a vampire huntress who also happens to be a badass. But she can’t do it all on her own. She has her friends and family to support her endeavor. Oh and the sexy Max of course.

When they learn of more huntresses, the lot have to be brought together to perform the ultimate spell to stop all demons. The only problem is that there has to be at least one of each element, which of course can’t be as easy as it sounds. Not to mention Kali wants to rescue her mom from the Shadow Realms before they do anything to break that connection.

I absolutely love Max and Kali’s relationship. It is so sweet and Max is so perfect, even with his scars. I love how fierce Kali is and how loyal she is to those she cares for. Watching her come into her power throughout the series has been interesting and her stubbornness makes it that much better! This was a great conclusion to the series that left me feeling satisfied.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of vampires, action, romance, demons, and vampire hunters.
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