Emerge: The Betrayal (Immortals of Indriell Book 5)

Emerge: The Betrayal  (Immortals of Indriell Book 5)
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Midnight Hour Studio
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Published Date
May 02, 2019
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Four years ago, Allie and Aidan parted ways.
She had a new life that didn’t include him.
He had a secret he couldn’t share.

It broke his heart, but to save her, he had to set her free.

Shielding Allie and his family from his new life is the only thing that keeps Aidan going. That, and his special bond with his partner, Naomi. Together they have an important job to do.

Convince the Milan Initiative they can be trusted to lead an army of Syntrophos—an army that is loyal to Aidan alone.

But betrayal is like a cloud hanging over them. It lurks in every corner, leaving Aidan and Naomi unable to trust anyone but themselves.

Reeling from the loss of the most important person in her life, Allie’s spirit is broken. Her only anchor in the storm is her Syntrophos, Darius McBrien. With Aidan’s inexplicable absence, Allie distances herself from the McBrien family, finding solace in an unexpected friendship.

Determined to keep her indomitable sister, Livia behind bars where she belongs, Allie moves on with her life. But as the brewing war in the Dreamworld reaches new heights, Allie and Livia must work together with Navid and Quinn to stop the dream walker who threatens the very lifeblood of the Dreamworld.

Allie has been warned. Someone close to her will betray her. But her clairvoyance didn’t come with a rulebook and Allie has no idea who she can trust.

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