Scarlet Oath

Scarlet Oath
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Aelurus Publishing
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March 01, 2017
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When kinship can get you killed.

Tara made a promise to save her kin. But that was before. Before she knew the Prezedant had them. Before she knew who she was. Before she learned of her powers.

Now she has allies, though, and she’ll use all of them to help her in her mission to the last remaining city. It will test her beyond anything she’s faced before, but she’s prepared.

Or so she thinks.

The Prezedant knows more than Tara thought, and soon she’s forced to wonder who is playing who. There’s more to Tara’s blood than she thought, and discovering more about who she really is may be the key to her salvation. Or it might kill them all. A masquerade ball might only be just the beginning.

*formerly titled Ascension*

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Tara's Adventure Continues and the Stakes are Higher
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Ascension picks up just a few weeks after the events of Awaken. Tara is trying to learn more about her powers, Jax is gone, and Ben has been taken to the Prezedant’s city.

*Please note that if you have not read book one of this series there may be minor spoilers in this review.*

Tara is one of my favorite heroines. She’s determined, fiercely loyal, and brave. She loves her little family: Mack (new character that I love, more on him in a minute), Tater, Finn, and Jax. AND she will get her other family back: Ben and the kids. Her fault is that she is so focused on finding Ben and the kids that she misses the bigger conflict and what her new blood status will mean to the Prezedant. Tara has no regard for her own safety and risks her life many times to save those she loves.

What I love about this series is the side characters. Michelle Bryan is awesome in that she’s created a great set of secondary characters that are fully developed and compliment the story and Tara. Mack was introduced near the end of Awaken and I fell in love with him! He’s a general for the Prezedant but also works within the rebellion, feeding them information and helping prisoners escape when he can. Now he’s training Tara to fight and I love it. Jax….oh Jax! He’s perfectly annoying and unavailable and everything that would drive any girl of the same age crazy. I easily picked up on his feelings for Tara during the first book, but the author delves into it more this time and yes I most definitely swooned.

My biggest complaint during the first book (and it was minor really because I loved it) was that there wasn’t a lot of world-building. While the author did create a magnificent dystopian world for our characters, there wasn’t much information about how that world was created. Michelle answers those questions in this book, and it was well worth the wait. I love the background to how society became so underdeveloped, how the new bloods were created, and how the Prezedant seems to never age. It adds so much to the story that I’m on pins and needles waiting for the conclusion!

Overall I enjoyed this addition to the New Bloods Trilogy. I love Tara, I LOVED the little triangle the author sets up among Tara, Ben, and Jax, AND I adore the series arch. I can’t wait to read more and find out what all Tara is capable of. If you enjoy young adult, science fiction, dystopians, than this series is for you!

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Good Points
-Believable Dystopian
-Fully fleshed-out minor characters
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