Legacy Awakened

Legacy Awakened
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January 05, 2019
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They fell in love long before they met. Now the harshness of reality will be their love's ultimate test. Ava The child of a prophecy. Ava has seen a glorious white wolf in her dreams for two years. They’ve connected so deeply she’s sure he must be real. She just needs to find him... Hunter A protector at no matter the cost. An Alpha from the age of sixteen, Hunter can’t afford to find out if what he’s seen out on the arctic tundra is more than just a lonely fantasy. Wolf numbers are critically low, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to save them. They meet as a dangerous virus appears in the wolf population and poaching has become far more coordinated. It seems that some are seeking to hasten the wolves’ extinction as the two desperately race against time to save them. Battling a deadly disease, their responsibilities, and their own undeniable feelings, Ava and Hunter struggle to find the balance between what is right, what is wrong, and who to trust. Ultimately, they are going to have to face the only possible solution - that their love may be the key to it all. From winner of the 2018 RONE Award for Best Young Adult Novel, discover a breathtaking love that will leave a legacy! Grab your copy now.

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Prophesy Meets Alpha Wolf
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Ava is the child of prophesy and all eyes are on her because she is the daughter of the Prime Alpha and the Queen of the Fae. Everyone believes she's the key to saving the wolves from extinction. However, Ava feels useless because she can't shift into a wolf and has no clue how she's supposed to save the day. She doesn't even know where to begin. The only thing she can do is see the threads of life that connects everyone. However, she feels so alive in her dreams when she's running with her white wolf.

When an opportunity appears for Ava to go help the arctic wolves, she can't pass up the opportunity to find the wolf from her dreams. However, when she meets Hunter, she realizes reality is nothing like her dreams. Hunter is emotionally closed off from the world and only cares about saving the wolves. As a young alpha, he has a lot of responsibility and no time for himself. But Ava is a patient person and isn't ready to give up on her wolf just yet.

Poachers aren't the only thing threatening the wolves anymore. With a new form of rabies spreading, Ava and Hunter must work together to save the wolves. The more time Ava spends with him, the harder it is for her to deny their connection.

LEGACY AWAKENED is the first installment of the Prime Legacy series and is a read that tugs at your heart. Ava is a strong female lead who isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in. She also isn't scared to speak her mind. With everyone's expectations of her weighing on her shoulders, Ava has a hard time finding her place, but she knows it's with the wolves. She will do anything to help them, and so will Hunter. I liked that their love isn't an at-first-glance sort of thing you typically see with werewolf stories. Instead, there's a little drama in there to keep the pace of the story up.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of werewolves, paranormal romance, strong female leads, alpha wolves, discovering yourself, and prophesies.
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