The Culling

The Culling
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Midnight Hour Studio
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August 19, 2018
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When the travelers arrived on earth, Grant and his sister, Stevie escaped the crumbling city of New Orleans to live in the bayous of Louisiana where they've been eking out a living for the last five years. With the death of their own star, the surviving travelers came to earth seeking refuge, but deemed the human race incapable of caring for their own planet. Overnight, the world governments surrendered, allowing the aliens to set up a temporary colony on earth. Only earth was overpopulated and resources were in short supply. The planet couldn't sustain the human population and the thousands of alien refugees. The culling of the human race eliminated all but the strongest, and purest of humans. Multi-cultural kids like Grant and Stevie always ended up on the culling lists. Every day they live in fear of the alien drones scouting the swamps where they live. Their only hope is to survive long enough for the travelers leave earth for good. But surviving the culling was just the beginning. After a chance encounter with a group of resistance fighters, Grant realizes it's time to fight. It's time to reclaim earth for the humans … or die trying. ______________________ The Culling is a Science Fiction novella by the award winning author, Melissa A. Craven. Her other works include the Dark Fantasy series, The Immortals of Indriell. The Culling draws you in from the very beginning, as good stories do. I found myself cheering for absent parents having raised their children to see biological diversity as a good thing. The characters and world building are fantastic. Loved the ending! ★★★★★ ~ Amazon Reviewer ~ The Culling by Melissa A. Craven was excellent, with heroic and simply outstanding characters. The interaction between Grant and his sister, Stevie really brought humor to a horrible situation. But that ending, wow absolutely incredible. ★★★★★ ~ Amazon Reviewer ~

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Perfect Alien Novella About Siblings
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Grant and his sister Stevie are on their own, trying to survive in a desolate bayou with limited food sources. The aliens have come to take over the planet and will stop at nothing to succeed. The siblings must rely on each other if they want to make it through the culling of the earth.

When they stumble upon a group of resistance fighters, the two realize that they can do more than fight to survive. They can also fight against the aliens. As much as Grant doesn't want his sister involved, he can't pass up the opportunity to strike against the aliens, but Stevie can definitely hold her own.

I love the sibling bond between Stevie and Grant. Their conversations made the story and I love how strong they are together. When their chance came, I love how they chose to fight back. THE CULLING makes you think about things that might be out there and it's scary to consider something like this happening.

Final Verdict: THE CULLING is perfect for fans of science fiction, aliens, and sibling bonds.
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