364 Days a Year

364 Days a Year
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October 23, 2018
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For most people, March 29th is just another day. For me, it’s the day I wake as someone new. A different face and different hands, a body that’s not my own. And like every year, I’m only certain of three things. It’s my seventeenth birthday. I have no way of stopping this cycle. And I’ll die again in 364 days. This year, I’m Effy Garcia. Something is different. Something I can’t yet place. Since the year 1909, I have lived in 108 bodies and I have died 108 times. Could this life be my last?

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The story:

Effy Garcia commits suicide on her seventeenth birthday. Her body is then possessed by a wandering spirit whose destiny it is to spend 364 days in its host only to move on every March 29th. She’s been doing this for 109 years, moving from body to body with no hope of ending the terrible cycle of death and eternal youth. Then she meets Ayden, a handsome boy who turns out to be far more than he originally appears.

What I loved:

The premise for this story is so unique and wonderful that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before (as far as I know). The idea of being seventeen forever, yet never knowing who you are, moving from body to body with no end in sight… it’s both intriguing and painful to grasp. The character of Effy is both tragic and sympathetic, and is a worthy heroine. Ayden, the leading male character, started out as a jerk but eventually grew on me.

What I didn’t love:

This book needed at least one more round of line editing. There were many typos and after a while it became distracting.

My Final Verdict:

This is a very enjoyable YA book with an intriguing concept that will have you engaged from beginning to end. I look forward to future books from this author.
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