The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 1) 2nd Edition

The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 1) 2nd Edition
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Swana van Schaardenburg
Publisher Name
DSA Publishing
Age Group
Published Date
July 29, 2018
ISBN Number
ASIN Number
No one goes into The Headmaster’s Cave.
George Stewart is no hero, but when his friend disappears he must confront his deepest fears to rescue Dougie and finally uncover the mystery of The Headmaster’s Cave.
The 100th anniversary of the disappearance of seven children and their Headmaster is approaching. The knowledge that the infamous Headmaster Henry Morris, George’s ancestor, may have been implicated in their disappearance has haunted his family for generations. When George and Dougie receive an unexpected email stating that the mystery has been finally solved, Dougie and Katie try to persuade George to journey with them. But not even the enticement of uncovering the mystery can tempt George to follow the word of a stranger to the dangerous and ‘haunted’ cave. Only when Dougie goes missing, will George and his friend Katie, accompanied with his dog Flanagan, journey to rescue their friend.
On their way, they must not only battle their fears, but overcome the local bullies, nature's deadly obstacles, and Old Maggie and her dog pack. But that’s nothing compared to the terror that awaits them in The Headmaster’s Cave, when the mystery is finally revealed.

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