For All to See

For All to See
Publisher Name
Jess Connors Publishing
Age Group
Published Date
May 05, 2018
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After being scarred by an unimaginable lie, Erik commits his skills with computers to expose the masks of others. His world of hacking allows him to live the life of a recluse, protected and safe, as he works to rid people of the veneers they use to protect themselves. Christine isn't sure she likes Erik - he's cynical, secretive, and lives like a mole. But when Christine mysteriously loses the photos that are the key to her dream, she needs someone to retrieve them anonymously, and Erik is the one that can do it. When Christine discovers Erik's skills, when she begins to fear that what he's suggested is true, she asks him to help her dig far deeper than she ever thought possible. As Erik and Christine uncover a lie she could never have conceived, as they challenge their long-held assumptions, they'll have to learn that there's only one thing that can conquer betrayal. Love.

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