The Last First Daughter

The Last First Daughter
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Evernight Teen
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December 08, 2017
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~Editor's Pick~ Lindy is the only surviving member of the First Family. During the first television broadcast in a decade, direct from the White House, terrorists attack. Eighteen-year-old Lindy escapes thanks to her secret service officer, Henry, and now finds her country under the control of a cruel, oppressive regime—and she and Henry the targets of a countrywide manhunt. Using fake identities and Lindy’s engineering skills, which allow her to build a network of radios, Lindy and Henry join a group planning to fight back against the new regime. Lindy must decide if she can sacrifice the relationship closest to her heart, her safety, and possibly her life to give millions of others hope for their future, and take back the White House.

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Intriguing and action packed.

The Story:
The country has been in a silent age for a decade after terrorists took down the grid. No computers. No TVs. But they've finally managed to figure out how to broadcast and the first image the country is supposed to see is their first family reassuring them. Instead, what they get is another terrorist attack, this time aimed directly at the people leading the country. Only Lindy escapes her family's fate thanks to Henry, a young white house secret service officer. Together, they set off into hiding and eventually begin piecing together exactly how their country fell apart... and how they can put it back together again.

What I loved:
The idea behind the story. First daughter is the only one left to save the day. It's extremely sad and the author makes us really feel for Lindy's plight. She's lost everything and is now faced with sacrificing the one thing she has left - herself.
The side characters are great, providing a wonderful backdrop to this world. I love the idea that Lindy has to travel around doing something as simple as fixing radios to connect people to each other.

What was just okay:
The ending sort of negates everything they've gone through - the struggles and the pain. It's underwhelming. There's a love triangle thrown in that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We know Lindy loves Henry. We know Henry loves Lindy. So why bother with this other guy who is kind of a jerk? It makes Lindy seem like a child the way she acts.
On the other hand, it made me empathize with Henry more.

Final Verdict: A fun romp through a broken down USA where people are forced to be strong in the face of the unimaginable. Easy and entertaining reading. Good editing. Beautiful cover.
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