The Vampire Trick (Dark World: The Vampire Wish 3)

The Vampire Trick (Dark World: The Vampire Wish 3)
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Dreamscape Publishing
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September 07, 2017
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In a kingdom full of secrets, no one can be trusted. Annika’s life was flipped upside down when she was kidnapped by vampires to become a blood slave in their hidden kingdom of the Vale. Now, the powerful witch Geneva has disguised her as a vampire princess, and Annika’s living in the palace to compete for Prince Jacen’s hand in marriage. But her quest to become his bride is just a facade. Her real goal? Kill the vampire queen Laila so the kingdom crumbles and she can set the human blood slaves free. When rebellious wolves attack the town, they leave a trail of vampire corpses in their wake, declaring war upon the Vale. But the wolves didn’t act alone. Someone on the inside is helping them, making everyone a suspect. And one major player won’t make it out alive. Return to the mysterious, magical world of the Vale in The Vampire Trick and get ready for a major twist you’ll never see coming!

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I don't even know where to begin. This series is just so good and each book builds you up for the next one. This one took an exciting twist and I can't wait for the ultimate climax of the series that it's working towards.

THE VAMPIRE TRICK picked up right where the second left off. Annika is competing for Jacen's hand and is trying to keep her persona separate from the real Annika. In the Vale, she has to be Princess Ana because Annika is supposed to be dead.

With the wolves pressing for war, Jacen knows he has to marry someone who will help his cause. The desire to take down the Vale and Queen Laila with it. When the wolves make a move, Princess Ana catches the prince's eye with her heart, but there's something familiar about her.

Final Verdict: Once again, this series doesn't disappoint. It leaves you wanting the next one, which I'm off to read. This series is perfect for fans of vampires, paranormal romance, Twilight, and Vampire Academy.
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