The Vampire Prince (Dark World: The Vampire Wish 2)

The Vampire Prince (Dark World: The Vampire Wish 2)
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Dreamscape Publishing
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August 03, 2017
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To destroy the enemy, she will become the enemy.

Everything has been taken from Annika — her family, her friends, and even her freedom — by the vampires who enslaved her in the hidden kingdom of the Vale. But now she possesses a magical ring that contains Geneva, the most powerful witch in the world, and she’s ready for revenge.

When Prince Jacen invites vampire princesses from all over the world to the palace to compete for his hand in marriage, Annika finds her chance. By commanding Geneva to turn her into a vampire princess, she can try to win the cold heart of the prince who betrayed her and left her for dead. Can she keep the emotions she used to feel for Jacen in check? Because if her deception works and she becomes his bride, she’ll have full access to the palace... and she can destroy the Vale from the inside.

But with powerful players vying for control of the ring, and a dark magic rising outside the kingdom, there’s far more at stake than just the crown.

Return to the magical world of the Vale in the second book of The Vampire Wish series and get ready for twists and turns that you’ll never see coming!

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When Annika discovers Geneva, she realizes that she's the only one who can help her take down the Vale. With Jacen looking for potential brides, Annika has her opening. She's transformed into Princess Ana and must learn to act as a true vampire princess before she's discovered.

Jacen isn't the only one who wants to take down the Vale. In THE VAMPIRE PRINCE, we are introduced to Karina who has ulterior motives while attending the festivities at the Vale. THE VAMPIRE PRINCE picks up right where the first one left off and you're immediately pulled back into Annika's world.

I absolutely love the alternating point of views and how fast paced this story is. It sucks me in and I don't want to leave until all of my questions are answered. I love that it has witches, vampires, and shifters in it. You get a nice little piece of everything.

Final Verdict: This book was as good as the first and has me eager for the third. I would recommend it to fans of Vampires, Twilight, Vampire Academy, and paranormal romance. It's an easy read and I'm off to start the next one.
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