Emerge: The Scholar: A Fully Illustrated Character Journal

Emerge: The Scholar: A Fully Illustrated Character Journal
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Midnight Hour Studio
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July 27, 2016
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Delve into the secrets of Emerge with this illustrated journal, straight from the hand of the Scholar. Chock full of series teasers and everything you need to know about the Immortal world, Emerge fans will not want to miss The Scholar.

For over eight thousand years, the Scholar has wandered the earth. The oldest living Immortal, he is from a time long before the power was corrupted. He has ruled kingdoms, dined with emperors and led armies into battle, yet history does not remember him.

The Scholar has proudly witnessed the most astonishing achievements of humankind, and sadly watched their worst moments of destruction. He has seen the world evolve to greatness and crumble to ruin, time and again as the natural cycle of life and death churns in an endless march through time.

Many have known him for a time, but he is a ghost. A witness. Forgotten as soon as he's gone. He is the first Scholar, father to all scholarly Immortals who have come after him. His life is dedicated to recording the details of the events he has witnessed. His journals are highly guarded, containing the wealth of the world's history and knowledge. But this journal concerns the future. A future he is anxiously anticipating. The Immortals and mortals found within these pages will play an important role in shaping the uncertain future of all humankind.

Part journal, part history, and part prophecy—complete with dossiers on those Immortals who have seen it all—this illustrated guide is the perfect complement to Melissa A. Craven's debut Urban Fantasy and Paranormal series.

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