Emerge: The Judgment (Book 2)

Emerge: The Judgment (Book 2)
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Midnight Hour Studio
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December 15, 2016
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"You can bend or you can break, but something tells me you're too strong and too smart to break. I know I am." –– Alexis Carmichael The Prophecy's about you, Red... Allie Carmichael has so many secrets, she doesn't know which way is up anymore. After dropping a huge bombshell and then leaving her in limbo all summer, Greggory McBrien still hasn't answered the questions that have haunted her for months. The knowledge that her life was built on a foundation of lies and deception has left Allie an angry, twisted mess of emotions. She still feels overwhelmed with guilt for her mistakes that left her scarred for life and Quinn, one of her closest friends, a captive of the Coalition. When she returns to school and her normal routine, Allie finds herself constantly dancing on the edge of losing control of her power, too afraid and too angry to confide in anyone––even her handsome and broody best friend, Aidan. A chance encounter at the Immortal club, Amrita, gives Allie and her friends the opportunity to aid in the search for Quinn. If they have any hope of ever bringing him home safely, they'll have to act quickly. As Allie continues to struggle with the nightmares that only Aidan can keep at bay, she vows to face them on her own. But she doesn't understand what her clairvoyant gift is trying to tell her. Just when she begins to put the pieces together, she fears it might be too late––and this time the price for her mistakes will be much too high. Last time she was afraid. This time she is angry. Fans of The Mortal Instruments will enjoy Emerge: The Judgment, Book 2 of the Urban Paranormal Fantasy, Emerge Series. –– "An unhurried but engrossing start for a potentially riveting paranormal series." -Kirkus Reviews –– "This series is one to keep your eye on!" -YA Books Central –– "An absolute must read for fans of Jennifer Armentrout, Lauren Kate, Josephine Angelini and Brigid Kremerer." -Netgalley Reviewer Suggested reading order for the series Emerge: The Awakening (Book 1) Emerge: The Edge (Book 1.5) Emerge: The Scholar (an illustrated character journal) Emerge: The Judgment (Book 2) Emerge: The ... (anouncing the new title soon!) Emerge Awards: Winner 2016 RONE Awards, Best Cover 2015 Dante Rossetti YA Awards Finalist 2015 USA Best Book Awards Finalist 2015 International Book Awards Finalist Top 50 Indie Books of 2015

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Emerge: The Judgement was a great second entry to this series. I had some issues with the first book due to the pacing, but that was resolved in this novel. The book starts off with everyone trying to recover from the events that happened at the dance and Quinn’s capture. Allie is struggling on keeping her relationship with Vince after feeling responsible over him almost dying and unintentionally using her powers on him. Naeemah is being overprotective by infiltrating their school with other immortals as teachers and students. The biggest struggle, however, is Allie knowing the procephy is about her and who her true parents really are. As the kids are trying their best to figure out how to save Quinn, we are able to see more of their abilities. I really enjoyed diving into their abilities a little more. Since it has been a year since Allie’s awakening, she is coming into her powers more as well. As a reader, we are learning about Allie’s powers as she is developing into them. This creates a connection to the story that this first one did not really provide. We are seeing how everyone is really tied together and how their actions affect certain ties. Emerge: The Judgement really gives us more of the plot and what the immortals truly have to fear since a lot of their past was explained in the first book. Craven had a lot more freedom to really concentrate on the main story creating a great sequel.

The characters development from the first book truly was enjoyable. Even though it has only been a year, I felt like their maturity had greatly increased. This allowed more flexibility with the characters. They were now more involved in the immortal world which created more interest in the outcome of their plans. It was intriguing to see them create a plan to get information about Quinn and then execute it. The relationship between the characters also grew, creating a more family dynamic. Since the creation of certain relationships was explained a lot in the first book, it was easier to enjoy their connections. I was happy to see Allie and Aiden grow closer together. The new links between certain characters will be intriguing to see in the next book. Plus, I can’t wait to see what will happen with Allie’s new amazing ability. Her character was the most grown seeing her attitude change throughout the book and then finally understanding why.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Emerge: The Judgement was a very satisfying read. This was a great second entry into the series. I really enjoyed the development of the story and the pacing was a lot better. It was great to see the characters really come together and watch them grow. Their development with their powers and relationship were really focused in this story. The change in focus was very rewarding to read. I cannot wait to continue Allie’s story and the rest of the people. With her new abilities and new connections, book three should definitely be entertaining!
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