Skipping Forward

Skipping Forward
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Bethany Wicker
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March 14, 2017
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What if you could skip forward in time, but never back? Molly Jacobs has always wished for more time in life. But for Molly, time doesn’t work the same as it does for others because she suffers from time skipping. At least, that’s what she calls it. From the age of seven, Molly discovers her ability to jump into the future. But it doesn't come without a price. With each time skip, memories of those seconds, minutes, or hours of her life are lost. Molly never cared until Rhett enters her life. Now, time has meaning, and as they grow closer together, pieces of their time together disappears. Molly needs to learn discipline and control, before she loses the essence of her life.

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Skipping Forward by Bethany Wicker is a standalone contemporary fantasy about a girl who can skip through time. This book surprised me in not being at all what I thought it would be. From the blurb, I expected an adventure romping through time. That was my fault. This book focuses more on the contemporary and how the ability of skipping through time affects the main character.

When the story opens, Molly Jacobs is at the start of her senior year of high school. She’s living her life day to day, constantly in fear that she will skip moments of her life. Having discovered this mysterious ability at the tender age of 7, Molly has learned to deal with it, but not accept it. She wants to live in the present and not wake up one day to realize she missed most of her life. I cannot fault her for that. Imagine how terrifying waking up and not knowing how much time has passed. This is Molly’s life on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s minutes, other times it is hours, and occasionally days that Molly misses. This fear eats away at her until she meets Rhett.

Rhett is not like the other boys Molly has met. Being the new kid in town, he doesn’t know Molly isn’t one of the popular students. And when he does find out, he doesn’t seem to care much to Molly’s chagrin. Rhett is like Molly, he doesn’t skip through time, but he does have a unique gift. He wants to help Molly, help her control it and maybe get a date or two as well. I like Rhett. He’s kind and knows when and how to push Molly. He brings her back to the present in a way nothing and no one else ever has.

As I mentioned earlier, the book and blurb point to a romp through time. Instead it focuses on the question of “Can you change the past?” and if you can “Should you change the past?” This question plagues Molly especially when she skips forward with no memories, but skips back and remembers everything. A major event happens midway through the book that tore my heart out for Molly. This event plays an integral role in the plot and her relationship with Rhett.

Overall Skipping Forward is a contemporary take on time travel. Molly must learn how and when to use her gift, the consequences of not are heart-breaking to face. This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster as Molly finally faces her fears and embraces life.
Good Points
-MC learns to embrace the moments that make life worth living.
-Asks the moral question: "If you can change the past, should you?"
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